A Columbus Hallowe’en

Originally appeared in the Whitby Gazette Chronicle, November 15, 1928

On the evening of Nov. 2nd about 85 children, young people and adults, from Columbus gathered in the town hall for a Hallowe’en party.  The hall was decorated with cats, owls and pumpkins, and orange and black streamers.  The “Horror Hall” and “Fortune telling” attracted much attention.  Three judges from Oshawa, Mr. and Mrs. Rodd and Mr. Parrott awarded the costume prizes to Elma Ross for the best child’s costume and Miss D. Clugston for the best adult costume.  The evening was then spent in games.  Mrs. Harold Hayes, Mrs. Clarence Hayes and Mrs. Bromell were the hostesses.  Following the games a delightful lunch was served, composed of sandwiches, cake, pie, candy, etc. At 11pm all left for home.

Our teacher, Miss Appleby, wishes to thank all who in any way contributed to the success of the party, and to those who helped clean the hall.

From the Oshawa Museum’s archival collection

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