Student Museum Musings – Lauren

By Lauren, R., Social Media Assistant, Co-op Student

My co-op experience.

Thinking back on my co-op experience I realize just how much I enjoyed it. Every day I would get to come into co-op and learn something new, often times learning something new meant getting to do something new. What I got to do during my time here was rather broad, and I got work on many different jobs: I got to help set up for the Christmas season, take down some of the Mourning After: The Victorian Celebration of Death exhibit, prepare the exhibit for The Gift of Play: Toys of Yesterday, make most of the social media posts, write up the Victorian Advent blog, take pictures for the museum, edit podcasts and videos for the museums YouTube channel, work on the Month that Was project, help with the Annual Lamplight event, and give tours. Looking back on my time here and everything that I have accomplished I really cannot think of anything that I did not enjoy, the whole experience was great. I think that if I had the chance to I would do another co-op here in a heartbeat; I loved every minute of it!


Thank you so much for all of your hard work Lauren! Best of luck with your future studies!

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Take a look at the podcasts she edited HERE

And, finally, watch this video she made of her co-op experience HERE

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