Student Museum Musings – Introducing Sara

By Sara H., Summer Student

Hi everyone! I’m Sara, and I am one of the students at the Oshawa Museum this summer.  I completed my Bachelor of Arts in History and am currently in a Museum Studies program, so this summer job is a dream come true!  Despite being a history buff and a lifelong resident of Oshawa, I am ashamed to admit that I have never taken a tour of the museum before. Shocking, I know! How can I call myself a local history buff if I have never even toured the Oshawa Museum, the museum about Oshawa?!  Well fear not dear reader, because even though I am still in my first week of working here, there have been so many visitors who have come into the store and, like myself, said they have lived here for years and have never even set foot in the museum or knew it was open!

Colour photograph of Guy House, a yellow wooden house. It is surrounded by green trees and grass.
Guy House, Summer 2020, an example of an early Canadian farmhouse

Even though the houses are pretty prominent, I get it.  Since the houses were built on their original foundations and are still standing after all these years, I can see how they would look different.  Also, all the houses are such different styles with Guy being an example of an early Canadian Farmhouse, Robinson is a Dutch Colonial style, and Henry is a Regency Cottage, so they look out of place/like decorations at the lakefront.  Lastly, I am sure we remember the last two years and the uncertainty and constant re-openings and closings of many of our favourite places, with the museum being impacted by that.  Nonetheless, we are open now and ready for business! 

Colour photograph of Henry House, a two storey house. The bottom storey is surrounded by gray limestone, and the second storey is painted green. There are green trees and flowers in planters around the house
Henry House, Summer 2016, an example of a Regency Cottage

To start off my summer, I will be learning more about the museum and getting ready to give tours of these phenomenal houses.  In addition to this, I will be working with Melissa, our curator, and another summer student, Sarah, to inventory and reorganize part of the collection that lives in the attic of Robinson House.  I am looking forward to sharing my experience and what I learn with all of you and hopefully meeting some of you!  If you haven’t been to the museum in a while, I definitely recommend stopping by to see what we have been up to.  I also recommend spreading the word that the museum is open and functioning, and very, very fun to visit! 

Colour photograph of Robinson House, a two storey brown brick building with several windows. It is surrounded by green grass and trees
Robinson House, Summer 2020, an example of the Dutch Colonial style, and where I will be inventorying artefacts


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