St. Andrews United Church Quilt

One of the quilts featured in our exhibition; Common Threads: Stories from the OCM Quilt Collection, is the St. Andrews United Church Quilt.  Recently our curator, Melissa Cole received this lovely poem that goes along with this quilt.

This poem was written by Betty Warnica (nee Moore) who was Christened and married at St. Andrews United Church in Oshawa.

From the Oshawa Community Museum Quilt Collection, 997.2.1
From the Oshawa Community Museum Quilt Collection, 997.2.1

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever;
Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness.”
John Keats


So it is with this signature quilt
Lovingly stitched in 1983 by
dedicated Christian hands,
Honouring the sesqui-centennial of
St. Andrew’s United Church,
71 Simcoe St. S. Oshawa, Ontario.
Here is the flag of St. Andrew
The white cross bearing the names
of clergy having served the church
Since its doors were opened to the community
one hundred and fifty years earlier.
The blue background bears the names
Of many members of the congregation
during the years 1833-1983
With the closing of St. Andrew’s
Possibly the oldest church in Oshawa,
In December of 1996, this small piece
of its life was given to the care
of the Oshawa Historical Society.

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