Oshawa’s Rotary Park

By Jill Passmore, Visitor Experience Co-ordinator

In 1925, Rotarians in Oshawa were looking for a worthwhile service project. One of the suggestions was a new playground near the Oshawa Creek. In 1926, they purchased land with frontage on Centre Street for $2,000.

In November 1926, local industrialist and philanthropist, J.D. Storie, donated an additional $2,000 to purchase a second, adjoining, plot of land. The playground included swings and other equipment for children. In 1931, construction began on the swimming pool and only took three weeks to complete.

For $1,200 and gifts of materials, local contractors Bathe & McLellan built the pool. The pool seen in the postcard is 125 by 50 feet with sloping depth from the wading end to allow small children to paddle and swim and was rebuilt in 1960. Swimming lessons have been a regular feature at Rotary Park until the pool’s closure in 2019 due to structural issues and declining use.

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