Student Museum Musings – Nicole and Mary

This semester, we are happy to host two students from Durham College’s Library and Information Technician program who are able to get hands-on experience in the workplace while offering valuable assistance where we need the help.  Read on to meet Nicole and Mary!


Hello, my name is Nicole Bray and I am a second year student in the Library and Information Program at Durham College.  I chose to have a field placement at the Oshawa Museum & Archives after I saw Jennifer’s presentation for one of my classes.  She made working at the archives sound fun and interesting.  And everyone has certainly lived up to my first impression.  At the moment I am working on the Education in Oshawa e-publication.  It’s really interesting to read up about all the different schools that were once in Oshawa.  I look forward to the rest of the time I’ll spend here at the Archives.


Hello all! My name is Mary Sherlock and I am a 2nd year Durham College student in the Library and Information Technician program. This is my last year in the program and I am excited for what the future may bring! I am here as a placement student in the archive and am loving every second of it so far! I have a great love for history, especially Canada’s history, which makes me all the more excited for my time here. This placement will  give me a great opportunity to see if working in an archive or museum setting is something I wish to do after I graduate, also to gather as much educational experience as possible to apply towards school, work, and life.

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Durham LIT Students on a Fall visit to the Oshawa Museum

Student Museum Musings – Carey

by Carey Bulger, Durham College Library & Information Tech Student

Hi everyone,

My name is Carey Bugler and I’m a second year student at Durham College in the Library and Information Technician (or LIT) course. I am currently doing part of my field placement here at the Oshawa Community Museum and I’m excited to be here. I’ve always loved museums, even before I learned that this course allowed me to work in this sort of environment. Something about the history of a town, or even just a specific place, has always been interesting to me. Working with the archives lets me have some hands on experience and it allows me to see that history up close and in a slightly more personal way.

I’m hoping that the time I spend here is as interesting as I’ve built it up to be in my mind and, from only being here for one day, I can certainly say that it’s going toward that goal. While I haven’t done much other than a bit of data entry I have been able to see some historic documents that I wouldn’t have been able to before, and that I wouldn’t have really thought about before now. I can tell that I’m going to enjoy my time here.

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The Oshawa Community Archives

Museums and Archives are amazing places that, in my opinion, do not get enough attention. There’s so much you can learn from the past that you can compare to now. Every time you look into the past you find something new and interesting to look at and learn about. It’s one of the reasons that I’m excited to be here and why I’m excited to possibly pursue a career in this field. There’s just so much to learn.

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