Stories from the Homefront – Oshawa and WWII

The British author and poet, Joseph Rudyard Kipling, once said “If history was told in the form of stories it would never be forgotten.” 

In 2004, with this wise statement in mind, the Oshawa Historical Society set out to design, develop and implement an oral history project to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the ending of World War II.  We were looking to capture the stories from those who guarded the homefront, those who made an impact here in Oshawa and Durham Region from 1939-1945.

The community shared with us memories of rationing, working as ‘Bomb Girls’, and the ever mysterious Camp X.

On March 29, the Oshawa Museum will be hosting a Tea & Talk, where guests will enjoy tea and scones while Visitor Experience Co-ordinator Jillian shares the Stories from the Homefront.  RSVP is required for this event, please do so by calling 905-436-7624.  It will begin at 1pm, and the cost is $10/person.

March Tea & Talk Poster copy

Some of the stories were incorporated into a video, available on our YouTube Channel: Stories from the Homefront: Oshawa and WWII 

Thank you to Honey & Tea for providing the tea for our Tea & Talk Series.

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