The Night(mare) Tour

A story by Ainsley P.

It was a few days before Halloween and the Oshawa Museum was hosting a Halloween tour. People said that the houses were haunted but the staff knew that is wasn’t actually haunted. But little did they know that on the first few days and the last few days near Halloween that if you tell a spooky lie it comes true.

Colour photograph of Robinson House, a two storey brown brick building with several windows. The photo is slightly out of focus

So, when the tour was over and the staff went to lock up, one of the staff, Sally heard a noise coming from Robinson House. Before locking up she went in to investigate. She then discovered that the story of the museum being haunted may have come true. She rushed over to Guy House to tell the other staff and her boss. They all agreed to not tell the visitors until they knew they could handle it. They all agreed that when they went home that night or if they even went home, they would all come up with some ideas to get rid of the ghosts. But that is when the doors and windows locked.

“Looks like were not going home tonight,” Sophie said.

But then Lily had an idea. If they could just find the ghosts they could tell them to unlock the doors and leave. But they all knew it wasn’t going to be that easy. They would need to come up with some ideas to be able to see or make sure to know where they are so they didn’t escape. They came up with many good ideas but Kasey’s was the best.

Kasey had the idea to get a bunch of paint or some kind of colourful liquid so when you hear them or feel them you can splash some paint on them, and to capture them you put them in a cage because these ghosts can only travel through pure wall.

That’s it!

That is the plan were going with.

Then they all hear the ghosts! They all start running. Then Lily calls, “I CAUGHT ONE. I REALLY CAUGHT ONE!”

Then Kasey caught one, then Sally caught one! Then by that time it was daylight. The ghosts agreed to open the doors and windows for tours to go on, but all staff had to be out of the building by 5 o’clock pm or else they are locked in for the night.      

Colour photograph of a young Caucasian girl with her hair in a side braid
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