Curious about History? Join us for Curio: Hands on History!

By Lisa Terech, Community Engagement

It’s the most common question on tour: What’s that? Guests will point at various artifacts on tour and immediately start asking what it was, what was it used for, how was it made, why on EARTH did it get used, and so on.  We know just how curious you can be on tour, and that’s why Curio has become a Family Day feature event!

Curio OMA1

Getting technical, ‘curio’ is a noun, as defined by Websters: a small and unusual object that is considered interesting or attractive. This is what is celebrated at Curio, the unusual, the interesting, the curiosities.

Curio is your chance to get your hands on history. We go deep into our storage and bring out the most interesting artifacts from our education collection.  Our guests are invited to pick up the artifacts, investigate them, get a good look and try and decipher what these oddities were used for in days gone by.

Visitors enjoying Curio in years past
Visitors enjoying Curio in years past

On Family Day, February 15, we invite you down to the Oshawa Museum for an afternoon of discovery!  Open from 12pm-4pm, there is activities for the whole family.  Satisfy your curiosity and get your hands on history!

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