The Month That Was – October 1956

Monday October 1, 1956 Theatre Guide Plaza – “Edge of Hell” 1:05, 3:42, 6:19, and 9:01 “Day of Fury” 2:20, 4:57, 7:34 and 10:16. Last complete show 9pm Regent – “Great Day in the Morning” in Superscope and colour 3:15, 6:30 and 9:55 “Flying Leathernecks” 1:30, 4:50 and 8:15. Last complete show at 8:05 Biltmore … Continue reading “The Month That Was – October 1956”

Student’s Museum ‘Musings’ – Caitlan

Since the last time, I told you that I was starting to work on the Robinson Book. So far, so good! The first rough draft has been printed and we have begun the first round of editing – So far everyone seems to enjoy it! Also I told you how I never did tours with … Continue reading “Student’s Museum ‘Musings’ – Caitlan”

Student’s Museum ‘Musings’ – Shawn

Authored by Shawn, Returning Summer Student, 2013 The skies have not seemed entirely welcoming as we have jumped into this first week of June. In fact I think the temperature has been growing more miserable as we approach summer! However, this has not impeded the Oshawa Museum. On Thursday afternoon Lisa and I managed to … Continue reading “Student’s Museum ‘Musings’ – Shawn”