Henry Grandkids – Rollin, Channing & George Henry

By Jill Passmore, Visitor Experience Coordinator Rollin, Channing, and George Henry were the three oldest sons of George and Polly Ann Henry. They seem to have been very close and were the first to continue with family trends of working in photography and fruit cultivation/agriculture. The three boys were born in East Whitby when the … Continue reading “Henry Grandkids – Rollin, Channing & George Henry”

You Asked, We Answered: Where are the Henrys Buried?

By Lisa Terech, Community Engagement While on tour, our Visitor Hosts are often asked questions that they may not be able to answer in that moment. However, we take note of the questions and try to find the answers afterwards. Here is one such question asked during a tour. Where are the Henrys buried? A … Continue reading “You Asked, We Answered: Where are the Henrys Buried?”

50 Years of the Robinson House Museum

Today, October 25, marks Robinson House’s 50th birthday of being a museum! To celebrate this anniversary, we’re looking back at the history of this home. Robinson House is the youngest of our three museum buildings, constructed in the mid-1850s for members of the Robinson Family.  For many years, it was believed that the construction was … Continue reading “50 Years of the Robinson House Museum”

Student Museum Musings – All About the Grandpa Henry’s Picnic

By Lauren R., Summer Museum Assistant The Grandpa Henry Picnic has become one of the most anticipated events of the Oshawa Museums year, next to our annual Lamplight event, that is. Grandpa Henry’s Picnic is a tradition that was adopted by the Museum from the Henry family. The Henry family were some of the first … Continue reading “Student Museum Musings – All About the Grandpa Henry’s Picnic”

Harriet’s House

By Aly Beach, Durham College Journalism Student Once upon a time, there was an old, decrepit house on Simcoe St. North, in Oshawa. The windows were boarded, the door creaked open and slammed shut. The greenery had begun to overtake it. The house was surrounded by a massive construction site and seemed out of place. … Continue reading “Harriet’s House”