The Month That Was – August 1902

Ontario Reformer Bullets in Their Brain Edition 01 August 1902 PEOPLE WHO CARRY THEM AND FEEL NO ILL EFFECTS Many Strange Things Found in the Brain – Some Curious Cases The idea that the human brain is an organ so extremely delicate in its structure that it cannot bear the slightest physical hurt sometimes appears … Continue reading “The Month That Was – August 1902”

Student Museum Musings: Making Ice Cream!

By Karen A., Summer Student I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Who doesn’t love ice cream? That’s a silly question, since I’m pretty sure everyone enjoys some flavour of ice cream.  And since July is National Ice Cream Month, as recognized by The International Ice Cream Association, the museum has dusted … Continue reading “Student Museum Musings: Making Ice Cream!”

The Month That Was – September 1951

All articles are from the Oshawa Daily Times September 1, 1951 Flying Saucers Back Bring Food This Time Washington (AP) – Here come the flying saucers again. The army announced that it’s trying out a new, junior-sized model – about two feet across and weighing five pounds. There’s nothing scary about them, though, unless one … Continue reading “The Month That Was – September 1951”

Museum Week 2016

By Lisa Terech, Community Engagement Social Media can be such a fun way to engage with a variety of audiences, and every once in a while various groups come up with different days to spark engagement and conversations. In September, there’s #AskACurator day, where Melissa is ready and excited to answer any questions about the … Continue reading “Museum Week 2016”

Where the Streets Get Their Names – McMillan Dr./Kaiser Cres.

By Lisa Terech, Community Engagement Have you ever driven along McMillan Avenue in Oshawa and noticed that the name suddenly changes to Kaiser Crescent? This small north-south artery is found just west of Centre Street; its southern terminus is King Street (south of which is Queen Street), the northern terminus being just north of Adelaide … Continue reading “Where the Streets Get Their Names – McMillan Dr./Kaiser Cres.”