You Asked, We Answered: Summer 2022

While on tour, our Visitor Hosts are often asked questions that they may not be able to answer in that moment. However, we take note of the questions and try to find the answers afterwards. Here are a few questions we’ve been asked this summer and their answers. What is the roof of Henry House … Continue reading “You Asked, We Answered: Summer 2022”

The Host Files: Taste and Scent of Community: The Oshawa Bakery and other Eastern European Groceries

By Mia Vujcic, Visitor Host When we are asked to share something about our heritage or ethnic background, food is often the first thing that springs to mind. In a number of previous blog posts, I explored different aspects of the research behind Leaving Home Finding Home in Oshawa: Displaced Persons and Stories of Immigration … Continue reading “The Host Files: Taste and Scent of Community: The Oshawa Bakery and other Eastern European Groceries”

Tales of the Nose Neighbour: Oshawa and the Moustache

By Savannah Sewell, Registrar I was inspired to write this blog as I shuffled through seemingly endless negative film images of Oshawa Fire Department staff. The collection, which has now been entirely organized and accessioned, has a large selection of images taken in the field, at the hall, and during events. Not shockingly, the collection … Continue readingTales of the Nose Neighbour: Oshawa and the Moustache

An Audio Project Update

By Lisa Terech, Community Engagement For a little over a year, the OM has been offering an at-home volunteer project. Our Audio Transcription Project is making our collection more accessible and user friendly. We are digitizing cassette recordings in the collection – volunteers can access the digital files online, and they have dedicated HOURS to … Continue reading “An Audio Project Update”

The Troubles with Genealogy

By Jill Passmore, Visitor Experience Coordinator When you work here, part of the job is to know a fair amount about the families that lived in the houses. Over nineteen years, I’d like to consider myself as much an expert as any of the others who work here, and over these years, my interest in … Continue reading “The Troubles with Genealogy”