Summer Student Musings – The County of Ontario

By Adam A., Summer Student Hello once more! I’m Adam, the summer museum assistant, and you may recall my recent podcast where I discussed the County of Ontario. So I’m here to offer some additional facts pertaining to this county which existed from 1854 to 1974. For starters, Upper Canada was originally only divided into … Continue reading “Summer Student Musings – The County of Ontario”

Student Museum Musings: Thomas Conant’s Century-Old Musings

By Adam A., Summer Student Hello and long time no see! I’m Adam, you may remember me as the guy from last summer who exclusively blogged about transcriptions. This summer I have a rather different role, that of a researcher. Specifically, I have been tasked with gathering information about the Loyalist and Late Loyalist settlers … Continue reading “Student Museum Musings: Thomas Conant’s Century-Old Musings”

Student Museum Musings – Summer Wrap Up

By Adam A., Lauren R., and Mia V. Hello once more! It’s not been long at all since my last blog, but unfortunately summer is coming to an end and with it my time here at the museum. With regards to the Pankhurst transcription I detailed last time; it now sits at around ten thousand … Continue reading “Student Museum Musings – Summer Wrap Up”

Student Museum Musings -Transcription Tales

By Adam A., Archives Assistant Student Hello once more! It has been a little over a month since my last blog post, and I am now overdue to provide an update on my efforts. At this time I am a little over three thousand words into a new transcription project. As my previous transcription project … Continue reading “Student Museum Musings -Transcription Tales”

2021 – 100 Years of the Poppy Campaign

By Melissa Cole, Curator From the last Friday in October to Remembrance Day, millions of Canadians wear a poppy as a visual pledge to never forget those who sacrificed for our freedom. This campaign goes back to 1921 when the poppy was adopted as a symbol of Remembrance by the British Legion. When the Royal … Continue reading “2021 – 100 Years of the Poppy Campaign”