Union Cemetery’s Mausoleum

This article originally appeared in The Oshawa Daily Times, August 11, 1928. It has been supplemented with contemporary images, taken by curator Melissa Cole in 2016 (unless otherwise noted). Like a beautiful chapel dedicated to sainted memories and undying affection, … Continue reading

Symbols on the Stones in Union Cemetery

By Lisa Terech, Community Engagement This Sunday, the Oshawa Community Museum is excited to offer our Annual Union Cemetery Tour.  Oshawa largest cemetery is also the final resting place to a great number of its early settlers and community leaders. … Continue reading

Oshawa’s Union Cemetery

From Historical Oshawa, Vol I-III, by the Oshawa Community Museum The Oshawa Union Cemetery was established in 1875 by the Oshawa Union Cemetery Company.  Prior to 1875, there was a burial ground located in this same vicinity, but as the … Continue reading

Asian History Month

By Jennifer Weymark, Archivist May is Asian History Month in Canada. The Government of Canada officially declared the month of May Asian History Month in May 2002. Early Asian history in Oshawa has become a research focus for myself, as … Continue reading