Profiling: James Odgers Guy

The Oshawa Museum is comprised of three historic homes: Henry House, Robinson House, and Guy House.  Guy House’s namesake is James Odgers Guy, who purchased the house and quarter-acre lot in 1861. James was born in Cornwall, England in 1828, the second son born to Thomas Guy Sr. and his wife Margery.  The family stayed … Continue reading “Profiling: James Odgers Guy”

Where the Streets Get Their Names: Guy Avenue

By Lisa Terech, Community Engagement At the very western edge of Lakeview Park, there is a small street named Guy Avenue. This is near the top of Bonnie Brae Point, which many years ago was known as Guy’s Point.  The ‘Guy’ in question was Thomas Guy Junior. Thomas Guy Jr. was the older brother of … Continue reading “Where the Streets Get Their Names: Guy Avenue”

Llewellyn Hall

By Melissa Cole, Curator “Formerly the residence of Mr. R.S. McLaughlin and became the possession of the Foreign Mission Board in the year 1919.  It was known as Llewellyn Hall and the name continued.  It is a two and a half storey brick building, on one of the best residential streets in the Town.  It … Continue reading “Llewellyn Hall”

Harriet’s House

By Aly Beach, Durham College Journalism Student Once upon a time, there was an old, decrepit house on Simcoe St. North, in Oshawa. The windows were boarded, the door creaked open and slammed shut. The greenery had begun to overtake it. The house was surrounded by a massive construction site and seemed out of place. … Continue reading “Harriet’s House”

Where The Streets Get Their Names – Annis Street

By Lisa Terech, Community Engagement The street names of the former community of Cedardale are wonderful tributes to those who called this area home.  The former Henry Street was named after Thomas Henry, Guy Avenue after the Guy family, Thomas Street after Thomas Conant.  Businesses like Whiting and Robson also have their place on Oshawa’s … Continue reading “Where The Streets Get Their Names – Annis Street”