Student Museum Musings – Adam

By Adam A., Archives Assistant Student   Hello reader. I am Adam, the third summer student working at the Oshawa Museum. This is my first summer as an employee here; however I am very familiar with the museum as I have been a somewhat regular volunteer since 2016. Despite this I am still enjoying many … Continue reading “Student Museum Musings – Adam”

Discover Historic Oshawa

By Lisa Terech, Community Engagement The OM has developed a number of virtual exhibitions throughout the years – you can find them listed under the ‘Online Resources‘ tab at the top of our blog. Last summer, we were excited to launch Discover Historic Oshawa, an interactive mapping site, plotting places of interest in our community. … Continue reading “Discover Historic Oshawa”

Oshawa and Electric Rail

By Adam A., Summer Student Hello once again! While working of the Discover Historic Oshawa website I learned many new details about the city. One particularly surprising detail being that the City of Oshawa has a surprisingly long history with electric rail. The Oshawa Railway, incorporated in 1887, used electricity to power its street cars … Continue reading “Oshawa and Electric Rail”

Student Museum Musings – Tour-less no longer

By Adam A., Summer Student Hello! I am Adam, you may recall me from previous years’ summer student musings. This year I am the Summer Heritage Gardener, which naturally means that I am working on creating entries for one of the museum’s web projects. All joking aside I do work in the gardens on Fridays, … Continue reading “Student Museum Musings – Tour-less no longer”

Summer Student Musings – The County of Ontario

By Adam A., Summer Student Hello once more! I’m Adam, the summer museum assistant, and you may recall my recent podcast where I discussed the County of Ontario. So I’m here to offer some additional facts pertaining to this county which existed from 1854 to 1974. For starters, Upper Canada was originally only divided into … Continue reading “Summer Student Musings – The County of Ontario”