10 Years of the Oshawa Museum Blog

By Lisa Terech, Community Engagement

In 2013, I was able to work under a grant to digitise Henry House and various collections within. It was a wonderful opportunity to work with the collections we have here at the Oshawa Museum, and at the time, I was early in my Museum career, so I was excited to be offered new opportunities to grow my skills.

One of the first projects I was tasked with cataloguing and digitising was the quilt collection, a priority collection to focus on at first because of a planned exhibit later that year.

Our set-up for photographing large quilts, 2013

As I was working through the collection of over 70 quilts, I thought it would be interesting to share some of what I was learning about the quilts and the behind the scenes workings of the Museum. From this, the Oshawa Museum’s blog began!

Ten years later, and staff, students, and volunteers of the Oshawa Museum have authored over 600 posts for the blog, with topics ranging from industries, soldiers, the lives of women and children, street names, newspaper happenings, and everything in between. There have been over 228,000 views from over 140,000 visitors, just amazingly overwhelming numbers!

If you have ever stumbled across the Oshawa Museum blog and have enjoyed what you’ve found here, thank you! We appreciate the continued support and we hope you enjoy reading for many years to come!

  • Our very first blog post was Quilt Stories, Part I.
  • It is very likely that our top read blog post is Keeping Warm: The Ways The Victorians Did!. The top all time post is a hard stat to gather, but it has been the top post for years now, so this is very likely the best read post!
  • The blog site is also where we have our Resource Pages, where we have rounded up blog posts, videos, community links, and more related to our community history.

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