Student Museum Musings – Introducing Sarah

By Sarah P., Summer Student

Hi, I’m Sarah! You’re probably thinking, haven’t I already read about a Sarah at Oshawa Museum? Well, I am the other Sarah who will be working at the museum this summer. I am attending school right now completing my B.A. in History and a minor in Anthropology. I am really excited to be a part of this team as I have always loved history from a young age, and now I have the great opportunity to work with artefacts! My hope is to pursue a career in archiving or public history in general after I am finished university, counting the days honestly. For a while now, I have been doing volunteer work involving education and transcribing, which I really enjoyed! I love hearing historical accounts as it provides an opportunity to hear people’s personal history. I am very excited to be a part of the inventory and archiving project of the collection in the attic of Robinson House with our curator Melissa and Sara, a fellow summer student.

A black, plastic, folding camera, with a handle on top and a round lens with silver metal surrounding it.
008.1.85: Drepy plastic folding camera

I wanted to highlight some of the awesome artefacts we have at Oshawa Museum that are some of my current favourites. I have always enjoyed photography ever since I was in high school and was in awe of the museum’s extensive camera collection.  It’s amazing! I particularly loved seeing the Drepy Camera made by Pierrat, as I have never seen a camera like that before in person. I couldn’t help thinking, good luck taking a selfie with this camera! Another interesting find was a special chamber pot. It was interesting to learn that the fabric on top of the lid was to silence the sound of going to the loo. I am not so sure the fabric was the most sanitary thing, but it sure was interesting! I am eager to learn more about museums and archiving while working at the Oshawa Museum with such a knowledgeable team. I look forward to writing again about the numerous discoveries I make while being immersed in this fantastic historical environment!

970.48.8abc, Chamber Pot, Royal Semi-Porcelain: AJ Wilkinson


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