We Are Living Through History

By Melissa Cole, Curator

We are living through history.  Museums closed their doors during one of their busiest times, March Break.  This is the quietest March Break our site and Lakeview Park has seen since I started at the Oshawa Museum 20 years ago. As institutions closed their physical doors, we turned to our digital windows.  Museums have adopted online tools to continue to deliver our missions and engage with our communities.  Here are a few sites I encourage you to visit as the Oshawa Museum works behind to scenes to continue to offer engaging content, build our collections, and share stories about our community.

I invite you to view our latest blog to capture the stories of what is happening NOW in our community during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Many of our events have been cancelled or postponed; this is also the case for our upcoming exhibit, Leaving Home, Finding Home in Oshawa: Displaced Persons & Stories of Immigration.  It was set to open this spring but has been postponed.  The exhibit started as an oral history project four years ago, and thanks to our community participants, it has shaped into an exhibit that will open later this year.

The Times-Gazette January 30, 1948 - copy

The work for this exhibit continues behind the scenes, and because the opening has been postponed, there is still time to contribute to this exhibit.  Your contribution may become a part of the physical exhibit or it may be featured in the online portion of our exhibit, but it will form a part of our archival collection for future generations to discover.  I invite you visit our online exhibit, Oshawa Immigration Stories, where you can learn more about this project.  More details can be found here:


Since you can not visit us in person, I invite you to visit our online collection database, which contains artefacts and photographs from the collections held at the Oshawa Museum.


On a happy note, while I was at the museum this week to check on the collections, I noticed one of our members out for his walk, and I couldn’t resist opening the door to say hi and ask how he was…of course we made sure to keep our social distance!

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