The Month That Was – February 1926

All articles originally appeared in the Oshawa Daily Reformer

Sees Fishworm, Is It a Sign of Spring?
Monday, February 1, 1926

That spring is not far away is quite evident. Yesterday morning while on his way to the Y.M.C.A, Mr. W. J. Richards overtook a tiny fishworm making its way to the “Y” also. On giving it a lift, the wriggler made it quite plain to “Bill” that what it desired most was a few swimming lessons from instructor Cliff James, so Bill put it in a glass in the private office of the “Y” where it is patiently waiting for the first of a series of swimming instructions which Cliff will commence this afternoon.


See Views of Japan
Tuesday, February 2, 1926

Japan was the theme of the pictures shown by Mr. Elliot last evening in the Westmount school. These proved to be interesting and of an educational nature. There were views of Yokohama and its neighbouring shrines of the different industries, silk, rice, carving, weaving and fishing. Some of the slides showed the beauty of these small islands with their wistaria vines and cherry blossoms and the Japanese in their native dress. A short comedy was given as well. Preceding the pictures and during intermission a program was given by Misses Stacey, Salter and Rundle. Proceeds $9.15.


Minstrel Show Tonight
Wednesday, February 3, 1926

The minstrel show being presented by the Anglican Young Men’s Club tonight in the Parish Hall promises to eclipse former efforts. The play will be given again tomorrow night. Next Tuesday the troupe will play in Brooklin and on Wednesday night it will be given at the Centre Street Home and School Club.


Local Water Supply Of Good Quality
Thursday, February 4, 1926

The report on the samples of Oshawa’s water supply is again described as “very good quality” by the Provincial Laboratories. Samples taken from a number of wells received a similar report, according to D. A. Hubbell, who received the report this morning.


Local Druggist’s Fine New Store
W.H. Karn Now Occupies Elaborate Quarters In New Henry Block.
Thursday, February 4, 1926

To cope with the rapid increase in the volume of business is the reason given by Mr. W. H. Karn’s Drug Store, for moving into the new store at King and Ontario streets, directly opposite the Post office. With the increased space better facilities are offered for the filling of prescriptions which tends to faster delivery. A new store which is equipped with the most up-to-date fixtures is arranged into departments which gives greater display and makes it easier for the store’s patrons to select their purchases. The centre of the store is kept comparatively clear of show cases which gives customers ample room to see the various displays. Increased window space has also been obtained by the move.

Mr. Karn, who was a graduate of the 1921 class of the Ontario Pharmacy College, entered the old store, located one door west, four years ago. He is now employing three graduate druggists and four apprentices.


New Machine Is Heard In Oshawa
Demonstration of Panatrope At Luke Furniture Co. – Latest Product.
Friday, February 5, 1926

The Panatrope, the latest addition to the musical world was demonstrated in Oshawa last night before about one hundred local citizens in the new Music Department of the Luke Furniture Company, King street east by D. A. Tait who is in charge of that section. From the comment expressed by the Panatrope made a favourable impression on the minds of those who had the opportunity of hearing this exceptional instrument.

Public demonstrations will be given this evening and again tomorrow night at the Luke Furniture Company while on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday it will be heard at the Regent Theatre.

The machine which will be placed on the barket in the near future has the appearance of an ordinary talking machine but from then on it is entirely different. AN explanation of the machine is given in the name Panatrope which is derived from the Greek words Pana and Trope, pana meaning all and trope meaning octaves, hence the word Panatrope or all octaves. The machine which was demonstrated here was the original factory model and has traveled over 30,000 miles on demonstration trips which took it twice across the United States and Canada.


Oshawa Bonspiel Opens Tomorrow
Monday, February 8, 1926

Everything promises well for the biggest bonspiel Oshawa has held yet. Eight sheets of ice will be in operation and the first sixteen rinks will draw for the McLaughlin trophy at 10:30 o’clock tomorrow morning. At 11:30 o’clock, the draw for the A.J. Sykes Memorial trophy and the losers of the first two events enter into the consolation event for the W.F. Eaton trophy. Entries are expected from Peterboro, Lindsay, Lakefield, Millbrook, Picton, Colborne, Cobourg, Napanee, Belleville, Agincourt, Stouffville, Markham, Toronto Granites, Oakwoods and Queen City Clubs. From 20 to 30 local rinks will be entered and endeavour to carry away the prizes.


Police Raid The Hotels In Whitby
Take Samples of Beer Which Will be Analyzed in Toronto.
Tuesday, February 9, 1926

The squad of provincial officers who made the sensational raids on Oshawa residences in search of liquor on Saturday night also visited Whitby and searched the Royal Hotel and the Whitby House. Samples of beer were taken at both places and will be analyzed by provincial authorities at Toronto.


Valentine Masquerade
Friday, February 12, 1926

About seventy-five turned out to the Valentine masquerade dance held in the G.W.V.A. Hall last evening. Three prizes only were given out, and these to ladies, as no men came masked. Mrs. J. Smoker captured the best dressed lady’s prize, Mrs. C. Lemon, representing Santa Claus, won the best dressed man’s prize, and Mrs. Roller won the prize for the most comic lady. Around $15 in proceeds were taken in.

Annotation 2019-12-19 095944l
February 13, 1926

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