The Month That Was – January 1872

Canadian Statesman
Thursday, January 5
Sydenham Farm for Sale

One of the best farms in the County of Ontario, pleasantly situated in East Whitby, on the margin of Lake Ontario, and commanding a fine view of the lake and surrounding country, only half a mile from the wharf and warehouses at Port Oshawa, two miles from the GTR station, and three from the village of Oshawa.  It contains 200 acres of land, of the best quality, 140 under plough, and in a good state of cultivation, and suitable for grain or stock raising, being well watered, the Oshawa creek crossing the farm, along which are some 30 acres of river flats, unsurpassed for pasture.  The buildings consist of a comfortable frame house with verandah, having a lawn in front with shrubbery, and an excellent garden, well stocked with the choicest fruit, such as Pears, Plums, Cherries, etc.  Two large barns with stone basement fitted up for housing and feeding stock, with root houses complete, driving house and stables, shed and sheep houses.

There is also an orchard containing over 200 of the best grafted trees just coming into full bearing.

There is a mill site on the above property, which will be sold with the farm, or separately.

Such a place it seldom offered for sale, and should command the attention of any person wanting a first-class farm in a good locality.

Terms easy.  For particulars apply to the proprietor on the premises,

Thomas Guy
Oshawa, Nov. 15th, 1871


Ontario Reformer
Friday, January 5
Dancing School

Prof. Geo E. Moore will give instructions in step dancing to Misses and Masters at his Academy, Hyland’s block, every Saturday at two o’clock.  Instructions will also be given to ladies at five o’clock p.m. and at seven o’clock p.m. every Saturday. Terms- 25 cents per lesson.


In East Whitby, on the 3rd inst., Wm. Moon. Aged 71 years.
The funeral will leave the family residence, Broken Front, E.W. to-morrow (Saturday) afternoon, at 1 o’clock.


Ontario Reformer
Friday, January 19

The year 1872 contains 52 Sundays. September and December each begins on a Sunday; January, April and July on Monday. October is the only month beginning on a Tuesday. February begins and ends on Thursday; consequently we have five Thursdays, which will not occur again until the year 1900.  In the year 1880, February will have five Sundays which will not occur again until the year 1920.  The year 1871 began on Sunday and ended on Sunday.


A farmer named Thorburn recently took to a Detroit museum a curiosity in the shape of a ball of stripped snaked which he had unearthed in a bit of marsh.  In going into winter they had rolled themselves into a heap, being tangled and knotted like a net, and was without life or motion. Seven heads could be counted in the ball.


At the residence of the bride’s father’s, Oshawa, on the 17th inst., by Elder T. Garbutt, Mr. Sylvester Briggs, to Miss Amy Rogers, all of Oshawa.

jan 19 1872 p 1
Ontario Reformer, January 19, 1872; p 3.

Ontario Reformer
January 26, 1872

In Oshawa, on the 23rd inst., John Dickie, aged 84 years, 10 months, and 15 days.

In Oshawa, this morning, John Marshall, aged 61 years. Funeral will take place on Sunday inst., at 2 o’clock. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend.

In Oshawa, on Wednesday last, Martin Quigley, aged 86 years.


Somewhere between Myrtle and Oshawa, on the Reach Road, on the 15th inst., a FUR COLLARETTE.  The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at the Raglan Post office, or at this office.

Annotation 2019-12-13 094518
Ontario Reformer, January 26, 1872; p 3.


3 thoughts on “The Month That Was – January 1872”

  1. Miss Roome’s ad says dressmaking and mantle-making. What does mantle-making mean? I am familiar with the cotton mantles used in oil lamps. I assume this is not what is mentioned here.

    1. Great question – I had to google to be sure myself! A mantle is a piece of clothing, much like a cape or overcoat. By the 19th century, the word mantle was used to describe any loose-fitting, shaped outer garment similar to a cape.

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