Oshawa Museum’s Holiday Blog

Did you know that the Oshawa Museum has a holiday blog? Since 2011, we have hosted oshawamuseumholiday.wordpress.com, where every day in the month of December, there is a new post full of interesting facts and information about the holiday season!

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You can search the posts by topic, or you can simply scroll through reading posts from the year and years before. Topics include carols, legends, local history, photos and postcards from our archival collection, Christmas artefacts, significant holidays that occur throughout the month (Christmas, Hanukkah, winter solstice, Kwanzaa), New Year’s celebrations, and more!

One of the interesting stories told on the blog in years past has been the story of the Christmas Truce.  When World War I broke out in the summer of 1914, many soldiers thought the war would be easily won, and that they would be ‘home by Christmas.’  As history tells us, the war would last from July 1914 through to November 1918.  That did not stop the men fighting in the war from celebrating Christmas.

For Christmas 1914, German and British soldiers stopped fighting, broke out in song with Christmas carols, crawled out of the trenches, dropped their guns and wished their enemies “Merry Christmas”.  This series of widespread unofficial cease-fire that took place along the Western Front has come to be known as the Christmas Truce.  Despite the First World War being one of the most devastating and gruesome wars fought during the 20th Century, there was peace, humanity and goodwill shown during the holiday season.

From The Globe, Toronto, December 31, 1914, pg. 2

Head over to the Oshawa Museum Holiday Blog and see what interesting holiday facts we’re shared in the past!

Happy holidays!

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