What’s New in the Museum Shop

If you haven’t been to Guy House recently, you may be missing out on the new merchandise and fan favourites that are available in the Oshawa Museum Shop!


First, we’re decorated for the holiday season! After Remembrance Day, our holiday merch returns.  Our store tree is decorated with many unique ornaments, and you are encouraged to shop from our tree. A favourite are the Christmas pickles! As the legend goes:

A pickle used as decoration on the Christmas tree seems odd at first, but it is an old German tradition. When decorating the Christmas tree, it is traditional to hang the pickle last, hidden among the branches. The first child on Christmas Day to find the Christmas pickle receives an extra gift!

IMG_1825 - Copy

Great tradition to share with your family this year and for years to come!

We strive to have our shop shelves filled with uniquely Oshawa books with original research on our community’s history.  Until Day Dawns: Stories from Oshawa’s Union Cemetery is a pictorial look at the prominent and sometimes not as well known people buried in Union Cemetery.  Laura Suchan’s ongoing research into Demill College has culminated in Mind, Morale & Money: Oshawa’s Demill Ladies’ College. Finally, prolific artist Florence McGillivray was a Whitby native, contemporary of the Group of 7 and mentor to Tom Thomson. Read more about her life in Bill Allen’s book “She is One of the Best”: A Researcher’s Notes on the Life and Times of Canadian Artist Florence McGillivray.

IMG_1831 - Copy

Also in the store are Christmas/Holiday cards, featuring the artwork of Eric Sangwine. Eric is a good friend to the Oshawa Museum, whose artwork is often inspired by local legends and lore.  His painting, ‘Christmas at Robinson House’ was the first in a series surrounding Lakeview Park stories and is currently on display as part of the exhibit, A True History of Lakeview Park… Mostly.  These cards are wonderfully whimsical!


The popular Mug Shots are back in stock! We took photos of the noteworthy women of the OM and memorialized them on a mug! Choices are Ruth Robinson, Lurenda Henry, and Granny Cock.


And finally, a new addition in advance of Lakeview Park’s 100th anniversary in 2020 – Lakeview Park mugs! These mugs feature a historical image from the archival collection, Saturday Afternoon, Oshawa-on-the-Lake.  Celebrate this city gem by remembering it with every cup of coffee!


By choosing to shop at the Museum Shop, you are supporting the Museum.  All proceeds from the store are used to support museum acquisitions and special projects. Thank you for your support in preserving and actively promoting awareness and appreciation of Oshawa’s history.

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