The Month That Was – September 1945

All articles originally appeared in the Times-Gazette

Club Holds Dance
25 September 1945

The Oshawa Youth Men’s and Ladies’ Club held a very successful weekly dance last Friday night at the Masonic Temple. There was a large attendance. Prize-winners in the spot dance were Miss Myrt Simmons and Mr. Doug Coackwell, and in the elimination dance, Miss Velma Chatter and Mr. Bill Smith.

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Pave Playground Cedardale School
25 September 1945

Paving of the play area adjacent to Cedardale School was begin at the end of last week as part of a program to improve the playgrounds at all the public schools in the city. The paving is designed to enable the pupils to play out-of-doors on days when the ground would otherwise be too damp. An asphalt mix is being applied.

While Cedardale is the only school where pavement is being laid, the playgrounds at all the schools are to be properly graded. It is expected that this will be commenced sometime next week. The contracts for the was let last week W. B. Bennett of Ajax.


Basic English
25 September 1945

The New Yorker, New York: Psychoanalysis seems to be here to stay, but one of the bugs that will have to be ironed out sooner or later is the problem of the foreign-speaking psychoanalyist and the English idiom. We know a girl, now in the process of being psyched, who mentioned to her analyst, a recent arrival from Zurich, that she had a dream involving a desk with pigeonholes. She heard him draw in his breath sharply, and the direction of his inquiry changed. It wasn’t until six months later that she discovered he had built an entire theory of her personality around the assumption that her dream desk included accommodations for birds.

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Situation Series
27 September 1945

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week His Honor Judge Madden of Napanee, sitting at the Court of Rental Appeals in the Old City Hall, considered fifty-nine cases, thirty-five of which were appeals against the freezing order which last July suspended indefinitely all notices to vacate.

One had only to sit and listen to the evidence at this the … court of its kind ever held in Oshawa, to realize to the full seriousness of the hosing situation not only in Oshawa but in the surrounding districts. Innumerable stories were told of heads of families purchasing homes to keep a roof over their families only to experience difficulty in securing possession of the premises. In many instances tenants would have been willing to move but were not able to find accommodation elsewhere.

From the evidence presented during the sessions of the court it would appear that something drastic will have to be done in the immediate future to provide additional homes. True many new homes have been built in Oshawa during the past year, but not all are in a position to make this expenditure. Employees of local industry should not be called upon to drive twenty miles, as was reported in one instance, to get to work and have to return home the same night.

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Bring Blaze to The Fire Hall
27 September 1945

Yesterday noon a can of gasoline which was being carried in the rear of a Cope & Bone truck caught fire and the blaze was delivered right to Oshawa Fire Hall by the driver. One extinguisher was sufficient to bring the blaze under control. There was small damage.

A truck belong to Rinker’s Cleaners and Dyers caught fire while parked at the corner of King and Drew streets. The cause was said to be a short circuit in the electrical system. Very little damage was done.

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Fifty Women Visit Christie St. Hospital
27 September 1945

Fifty members of the Ladies’ Auxiliary, Canadian Legion Branch 29, visited Christie Street Hospital Toronto, with gifts on Wed., Sept. 19, Mrs. M. Foote reported to the Auxiliary at its Tuesday evening at which President E. Evans presided, and two new members were initiated and welcomed.

The gifts included cigarets donated by the Men’s Branch, and a quantity of cigarets, chocolate bars and matches donated from the Auxiliary funds. Several of the members also took personal gifts. Many books and magazines had also been given in for the hospital.

It was unanimously decided to set up a fund for comforts for Christie Street Hospital and for that purpose a collection will be taken up each week.

Parcels will continue to be sent to boys still overseas, it was decided. Any change of address should be sent to Mrs. G. Williams.

Articles for the bazaar were reported coming in and anything salable, including articles for the White Elephant Booth, will be very welcome.

The regular business meeting will be held next Tuesday at 8 p.m.

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