The Month That Was – August 1963

Postal Staff Holds Picnic
Thursday, August 1st, 1963 – The Oshawa Times

The annual picnic for employees of the Oshawa Post Office was held recently at Paulynne Park. Over 200 people attended and enjoyed a very fine afternoon.

Aug 1 1963 (4)
Oshawa Times, August 1, 1963

Squires Have New Counsellor
Thursday, August 1st, 1963 – The Oshawa Times

Jerry Powers, who has been appointed by the Oshawa Knights of Columbus as chief counsellor for the Columbian Squires, took over his duties last Sunday.

Mr. Powers comes to Oshawa from the Kingston Council of the Knights of Columbus where he was a member of

the executive and very active in teen age boys work. He was a counsellor for the Knights of Columbus boys’ camp at Buckhorn Lake and held various positions in the Kingston Council.

The Columbian Squires of Oshawa have extended sincere appreciation to their past counsellor, Bob Simcoe, who was outstanding in his year’s work.

Aug 1 1963 (2)
Oshawa Times, August 1, 1963

Two-Car Collision
Thursday, August 1st, 1963 – The Oshawa Times

Vehicles driven by Aileen Gibbs, 383 Mary street north and Ronald Robert Cyr, 567 Olive Avenue, collided Wednesday at Bond and Simcoe streets. Damage was estimated at $125 by Constable P. Mandryk.

Aug 2 1963
Oshawa Times, August 2, 1963

Department Relaxes
Friday, August 2nd, 1963 – The Oshawa Times

The Oshawa Fire Department reported that there were no fire calls or ambulance calls overnight.

Oshawa Couple Win Trophy

Friday, August 2nd, 1963 – The Oshawa Times

Mr. and Mrs. William Joyce of Oshawa captured the Carter Trophy for the second consecutive year in the mixed doubles lawn bowling tournament Wednesday at Bowmanville.

Gallagher and Mrs. R. Mann, and Mr. and Mrs. J. Morrison, all of Oshawa, won second and third prizes, respectively, for three wins.

Sam MacMillan and Mrs. MacMillan were high for two wins with G. Scott and his partner, of Peterborough, in second place. The prizes for high score with one win went to Mr. and Mrs. V. Highfield, of Port Hope.

Aug 3 1963
Oshawa Times, August 3, 1963

Gets Six Months In Bigamy Case

Saturday, August 3rd, 1963 – The Oshawa Times

Sentence of six months’ imprisonment was imposed at Oshawa Magistrate’s Court Friday on William James Ward, 240 Ritson Road South, Oshawa, when he appeared for sentence on a charge of going through a form of marriage and committing bigamy at Downsview, County York, on April 14, 1962.

Magistrate H.W. Jermyn told Ward: “I don’t suppose I need emphasize the seriousness of a crime of this nature. It strikes at the very roots of society when it attacks the sanctity of the family unit.”

Underpass Open
Saturday, August 3rd, 1963 – The Oshawa Times 

The Farewell street underpass, Oshawa’s improved entrance to the city’s Industrial Park, is open to traffic today, the city engineer’s department reports. Ritson road north paving has been completed to Rossland road east.

Aug 8 1963
Oshawa Times, August 8, 1963

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  1. Howard McGahey went into teaching, and was my Grade IX French teacher at ECVI (this must have been 1973/74)! I liked him, but a lot of the students in my class were just brats, frankly.

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