The Month That Was – May 1949

Two Forms of Auto Fraud Uncovered
May 13, 1949

Two persons in the Oshawa area have been victimized by a new form of auto fraud involving the purchase of automobiles. The self-explanatory warning issued by Toronto City Police Force and released today by Oshawa Police and Chief, Owen D. Friend Is as follows:

A special Warning has been issued by the Toronto City Police regarding the operations of a well-organized group of automobile thieves who have recently victimized a number of farmers and residents in smaller Ontario centers through the sales of stolen “late model” automobiles.


$1,000 from Potato Men for Research
May 13, 1949

One thousand dollars contributed by Ontario potato growers last year has been put to good advantage in an intensive scab research program now underway in the Province, it is announced.

The Ontario Crop Improvement Association and the Scab Research Committee have decided to make use of the $1,000, which was contributed by the growers themselves, in compiling a card index of literature regarding scab.

In this connection two graduates of the University of Western Ontario, London, have been employed to collect literature from various journals, to abstract it and type three cards of each reference. One group of cards is for the Ontario Agricultural College, Guelph, on for the University of Western Ontario and the other for the St. Catherines laboratory of plant pathology.

Up to the present time some 500 references with abstracts and 400 without abstracts have been secured. They cover all literature on scab back as far as 1930.


81,000 Homes Built in 1948
May 14, 1949

Final and official reports on house building in Canada in 1948 are now available. The achievement was creation of more than 81,000 new homes.

Apart from being the biggest house-building year on record, 1948 marked the turning point in the post-war housing shortage which Canada shared with many other countries. New families are coming into existence in Canada at the rate of just over 80,000 a year.

The figures are from the quarterly report “housing in Canada,” just issued by the Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

The report shows that since 1945 a total of 276,000 houses have been built in Canada. This means that one out of every 12 Canadians now lives in a new post-war house. It also shows that the building achievement in 1949 will better the 1948 all-time high record.


More Reserve Soldiers Will Attend Camps
May 14, 1949

Approximately 11,000 members of the Canadian Army Reserve Force will attend summer training camps across the country this year, Army authorities said today. This means that last year’s total of 7,092 Reserve soldiers at camp will be exceeded by at least 4,000.

Command camps will be conducted in each of the five army commands but Ontario and Quebec camps will probably be the busiest.


Army Equipment Display Open to General Public
May 16, 1949

In response to many requests that the display of army equipment and training material be thrown open to the general public for inspection, Lt.-Col. E. F. Bastedo, Officer commanding the Ontario Regiment, and commanding the Ontario Regiment, and Major F. W. McEwen, officer commanding the 19th Army Workshop, RCEME, announced today that the exhibition would be open at the Armories on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening of this week. The display will be open from 7 to 9 each of these four evenings and personnel of the two regiments will be on hand to explain the workings of the various pieces of equipment and give demonstrations of their use.


Ford Asks U.A.W. to End Strike
May 17, 1949

Detroit, May 17- (AP) –The Ford Motor Company today asked the United Automobile Workers (C.I.O ) to call off their strike in all except one building of Ford’s big Rouge plant and at the Lincoln-Mercury plant.

The one unit which would remain strike-bound along with the Lincoln plant under the company proposal would be the “B” building, Centre of the production line speed-up dispute.

About 65,000 Ford workers walked out nearly two weeks ago and some 40,000 others have been idle indirectly as a result of the strike.


Beauty Contest Judges
May 13, 1949

Three judges to decide the forth-coming Old Home Week Beauty Contest when “Miss Oshawa” will be chosen are William Davidson, Mayor of Whitby; E. Hayes, Reeve of Port Perry; and Lawrence Mason, Mayor of Bowmanville.


Candidate To Speak
May 13, 1949

A meeting sponsored by the Oshawa Women’s Liberal Association is to be held in the I.O.F. hall, over the Betty Cake Shop, on Friday of next week, May 20, at 8 p.m. Mrs. Douglas Blair, National Secretary of the Women’s Liberal organization, is to be the chief speaker.


Mayor Good Salesman
May 13, 1949

Mayor Michael Starr has sold over 250 membership buttons to the Old Home Week, since Thursday. He expects to have sold more than 300 before next week.


Obscure Clause
May 13, 1949

Lawyers Thursday uncovered an obscure clause in the Ontario Railway Act which may affect street railway fares throughout the province. The clause was disclosed during a hearing before the Municipal Board of an application of the Hamilton Street Railway Company to increase its fares. Lawyers for the City of Hamilton, opposing the application, turned up the clause which provides that all fares on streetcars, buses and trolley coaches must not exceed five cents for the first three miles and two cents for each additional mile.


Scout Apple Day Deserves Strong Public Support
May 13, 1949

Tomorrow Whitby Boy Scouts and Cubs hold their annual “apple day” when they will offer some of the choicest fruit from local orchards to the public. Scouts are not allowed to solicit funds by means open to other organizations, so it is only once each year they hold an apple sale to raise some money. Other  funds raised locally have been from the collection and salvage of waste paper. Local Scouts and Cubs have recently acquired a property on a long-term lease as a camp site. With this large project in view, they are in need of all the dimes a generous public will contribute in exchange for a luscious McIntosh Red. Possibly no other youth organization offers so many useful activities to boys and receives such whole-hearted support from parents and friends.


Building Much Improved
May 18, 1949

The fresh coat of paint given the exterior of the Dominion Bank Building at the north west corner of King and Simcoe Streets has greatly improved the appearance of the corner.


Voter’s Lists Posted
May 18, 1949

Typewriter lists of the voters eligible to cast their ballots in the federal election are making their appearance on poles in the various subdivisions of the city.


Fittings Chimney Fire Difficult To Reach
May 19, 1949

City firemen, under Deputy Chief Milton Oster, were called to the Fittings Limited on Bruce Street at 9:57 p.m. last night to quell a chimney fire. Oster said the fire was in chimney pipes leading from the core oven stoves.

Firefighters from the Richmond Street hall were first on the scene. As a precautionary measure Cedar Dale firemen, under Capt. Thomas Dalby, were also called. Firemen laid 200 feet of hose from a hydrant at the south0west corner of the building and used 88 feet of ladder. Employees in the building notified firemen of the fire.

There was little damage. Deputy Chief Oster said the fire was hard to get at.


Oshawa Man Gets Near-Record Trout From Lake Simcoe
May 19, 1949

A near record lake trout, weighing 22 and a half pounds, was landed by Charles McDonald of 570 Front Street, Oshawa, while fishing in Lake Simcoe some three miles out from Atherley. The fish, which required over half an hour to land, measured 20 inches in girth and 37 inches in length.


Makes Wool Rug In Appreciation of Rotary Work
May 21, 1949

A boost for the work among crippled children being carried on by the Oshawa Rotary Club has come from A. Berry, grandfather of Lynn Berry, Burk Street. Lynn, it will be remembered, was the “Timmy” of the Ontario Society for Crippled Children Easter Seal Drive two years ago.

Mr. Berry, a hospitalized pensioner has just completed a wool rug at the expenditure of some 200 hours of work and has presented it to the Rotary Club in appreciation of what the local club did for his grandson.

The rug will be raffled at the annual Rotary Fair being held on June 20 and 21 in Rotary Park.

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