The Month That Was – February 1862

A remedy for sleeplessness
February 5, 1862

How to get to sleep is to many persons a matter of great importance. Nervous persons, who are troubled with awakefulness and excitability, usually have a tendency of blood rushing to the brain, with cold extremities. The pressure of blood on the brain keeps it in a stimulated or wakeful state, and the pulsations in the head are often painful.


Death from a cat’s bite
February 5, 1862

The Courrier de l’ Isere records the death of a farmer named Journet at Paladra, in that department, under the following circumstances:- “Journet had promised to give a cat about six months old to one of his neighbours, and shut it in a basket to have it ready. When his neighbour came Journet went to take the animal out and she bit his finger, but so slightly that he thought nothing of it. The next day he tended his cattle as usual, and passed the afternoon in breaking hemp, till evening, when the finger became intolerably painful. A surgeon was sent for, who made an incision and dressed the wound; but the whole hand was soon after affected and turned quite black, as did also the arm. Other doctors were then consulted but in spite of all that medicine could so, the poor man died on the fifth day after receiving the bite. As to the cat, she is still alive and apparently quite well.

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Arrival of “The Asia”
New York, February, 15 1862

The steamship Asia, from Liverpool, on the 1st instant, via Queenstown, on the 2nd instant arrived at this port this morning. Her dates are four days later than those already received.


Village Offices
February 19, 1862

It will be seen by reference to our account of the proceedings of the village council, that all the offices of the village have been given to Mr.Hercule Craig, with exception of that of Clerk, Which Mr. William E. Mark still continues to fill with his accustomed ability.


The American War
February 19, 1862

Some lively news from the Burnside Expedition, and the Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers, will be found in today’s issue, to the publication of which we devote large space, the rebels are undoubtly getting the worst of the fight at present, the Union arms being successful at every contact.


Coup- Its symptoms, treatment and prevention
By Joel Shew, M.D
February 19, 1862

There is perhaps, no other one disease, in the whole catalogue of human maladies which parents have more to fear than the one of which I now speak.

This is one dangerous of all inflammations. It affects locally the mucous membrane of the trachea, extending to the bronchia on the one hand, and to the larynx and sometimes the fauces on the other.

In most fatal cases a false membrane is deposited, lining the trachea, and extending often to the bronchia and fauces. Rarely this membrane is coughed up; but when even this apparently favorable effect has been observed, the membrane has been again soon reproduced, and death the result.


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