Three Sheep Have Lost Their Fleece

Oshawa Vindicator, 24 June 1868

Returned – Three of the sheep advertised by Mr. Thomas Henry, have returned home without their fleeces, but marked with a hole in the right ear. If the man who was kind enough to shear them will be kind enough to return the fleeces and the two missing sheep, he will be paid for the shearing, but not for the marking.

Vindicator Jun 24 1868.JPG

On tours of Henry House, Visitor Hosts are often asked what the Henry family farmed.  The 1851 Agricultural Census provides insight, tending to 40 acres of wheat, 1 acre peas, 14 acres oats, and  2 acres potatoes; livestock included:

  • 4 bulls, oxen or steers
  • 4 milch cows (a cow in milk or kept for her milk)
  • 3 cows/heifers
  • 3 horses
  • 27 sheep (with 100 lbs of wool)
  • 7 pigs

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