Student Museum Musings – Summer Wrap Up

By Adam A., Lauren R., and Mia V.

1.1 - CopyHello once more! It’s not been long at all since my last blog, but unfortunately summer is coming to an end and with it my time here at the museum. With regards to the Pankhurst transcription I detailed last time; it now sits at around ten thousand words, which sadly only translates to around halfway through the first side of the double sided cassette tape. It has yielded a few more tidbits of information, such as the subjects he was taught in school. Unfortunately I have had to divide my attention between it and the filming and editing of the Summer Student Video, which I hope you will all enjoy as much as I have enjoyed my summer position.

ghdfhgfhgfWow, just like last year, my time as a summer student here has flown by! I don’t quite know how it’s happened but once again, I find myself at the end of the summer reflecting back on what I have accomplished in the past three months of working here.

This summer has gone by in a blur of teas, tours and typing. I’ve been so privileged to help with so many great things this summer – from Grandpa Henry’s Picnic, to Pop-Up in the Park, to our signature Victorian Teas and helping to do research for a new exhibit that is opening this fall. To add to all of this I have also had the good fortune of meeting two wonderful, kind and funny people who were my fellow summer students – Adam and Mia.

In conclusion, I am both so happy and grateful to have once again been given the opportunity to return to the museum as a summer student for this year.

kjhkjhkjhI can’t believe that the summer has come to an end already. I’ll start by saying that I’ve learned such invaluable, yet unexpected, knowledge about myself and my local community, in addition to the expected skills so useful in the museum field. It was a pleasure to have spent time with other people who just “get it” when it comes to appreciating history – my fellow summer students and museum staff, as well as the visitors wandering in for a tour from across the province and even from overseas. Finally, I would just like to touch on the research I’ve done on displaced people settling in Oshawa (which I’ve talked about in my other blog posts, as well as on the website Oshawa Immigration Stories). In coming to understand these people’s stories and learning the context for them, I really feel that I’ve come to know them. With that knowledge is also immense respect for the difficult journeys they took from across war-torn Europe to Canada, Ontario, and finally Oshawa. I am grateful to have played a part in preserving their stories. I hope that, as they are shared, people will be as touched by them as I was and continue to be.

Thank you so much to Adam, Lauren, and Mia for your hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm this summer! Best of luck with your studies!

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