The Month That Was – April 1939

Oshawa Daily Times, April 10th 1939

Fascism Meets Armed Resistance

Fascism has struck again. This time the south end of the Berlin- Rome axis flung troops across the Adriatic Sea into Albania and for the first time in the totalitarian eastward drive armed resistance was met.

A look at the map of Europe shows Albania is opposite the heel of Italian boot and the country juts into Jugoslavia and Greece and could easily form a link in the Berlin-Rome drive towards the Black Sea. The bordering states of Jugoslavia, Greece and Bulgaria do not take kindly to this threat, neither do the democracies.

Mussolini’s ambition to grab the small and weak country was not born overnight but is calculated to be a well planned scheme to head off the Democracies’ “encirclement” and continue in these checkerboard movements eastward.

While Mussolini has not met with instant success such as has occasioned the goose-stepping Hitler moves, it is expected that even with the determined resistance of the Albanian guerillas, Albania will sooner or later come under domination of the “Big Boot” west of it forty miles across the Adriatic Sea.

Just what the latest Fascist move will lead to is only a matter of conjecture at the moment. It can hardly be said that the invasion justifies Mussolini’s expansion program when all things are considered. It may be he and his Nazi partner are together planning a daring coup that may startle the world for its sheer selfish audacity. It is just one more step that may lead to dreaded conflict for which the nations have been preparing but hoping would not be necessary.

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Easter Ski-ing Sets Record for Lateness

Going Excellent on Good Friday but Slightly Sticky Sunday Falling Fresh Snow

Eight members of the Oshawa Ski Club have definitely classified the winter of 1938-39 in the “old fashioned” category- one that they will be able to talk about to their grandchildren long after they themselves have abandoned the hickory runners for canes and rheumatism cures. The reason is that these eight ski “bugs” set ski-ing records over the week-end which will probably stand long after they have skied their way across the frozen Styx.

Five of the eight spent a good part of Good Friday darting over the “sugar snow” covered slopes at Ragian and then to make their ski-ing records even more imposing, two of the Good Friday skiers returned on Easter Sunday with three different companions to enjoy the newly-fallen snow.

Although ski-ing did not rank among the major sports with the “old-timers,” none of Oshawa’s oldest residents can recall any winter when ski-ing would have been possible at such a late date. Accordingly Oshawa’s ski men are laying claim to doing the latest ski-ing in history in the Oshawa district. It should stand for decades. Ski-ing on Good Friday and Easter Sunday is in itself unique, but when it is considered that the ski-ing was done on April 7 and 9, more than two weeks after Spring made her official bow, then there is simple reason for telling the skiers “You’ve got something there.”

Late snowfalls which would have permitted ski-ing are not unusual, but the fact that the ski-ing was done over the week-end on “old snow” it is certainly extraordinary.

The Friday quintet consisted of George Howden, Sam Cooper, John Bentson, Ron Luke and Dean Patte, newly-elected president of Oshawa Ski Club. They found the ravine at the club’s property well blanketed with snow on both sides of the stream which runs the length of the ski club territory. There was still some snow on the open slopes and the quintet were able to ski on the practice slope which is also in the open. The surface was a frozen sugar snow which made for very fast travelling, a surface which is rated excellent among skiers generally.

On Sunday Luke and Patte went out again accompanied by Ben Fallman, H. Hayball and Lee Rolson. The snow which had fallen during the night made ski-ing a bit sticky, but with proper wax it was highly enjoyable. All trails were run by the Sunday quintet, there being an average of four inches of old hard snow covered with about an inch of the new fall.

Ski-ing started the first week of December, so that the enthusiasts have had a good four months of their favourite sport every week-end. Interruptions which thaws might have caused occurred mid-week.



Motor City Fans Whoop it Up Big as Their “Generals” Win Thriller to Retain Eastern Canada Puck Title

Geo H. Campbell- Sports Editor

On April 7, 1938, down in the Ottawa Auditorium, the Oshawa “Generals” defeated Perth Blue Wings by a score of 7 to 5 to capture the Eastern Canada Junior hockey crown and the handsome silver trophies which go with the laurels, The trophies remain in Oshawa and the championship also will be held in the Motor City for another year for on April 7, 1939, at the Maple Leaf Gardens, Oshawa “Generals” defeated Verdun Maple Leafs by 4 to 2 and thus successfully concluded this season’s Eastern Canada title series.

Now the puck marvels of Motordom stand on the threshold of another Memorial Cup series, one that promises to be almost as hostile and perhaps as thrill-packed and amazing as the memorable title with St. Boniface Seals last year. This season it is hand-picked Edmonton Roamers, rated as the best Junior team to come out of the Western Canada in years, who stand in the path of that coveted Junior hockey crown, the Dominion championship. The first game of the series will be played tonight in Toronto, with the second game on Wednesday and the third next Saturday night.

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Among the Latest Styles: Pattern 4087

fabric 4087 dress 1939Here’s the type of dress a matron needs most, since she’ll soon be practically living out of doors! There’s such fascinating chic in every slenderized line of this brand new Pattern 4087… And it’s suitable for everything from motor and shopping trips to bridge parties on the lawn. Consider the refreshing note in the panel fullness stemming from waist and shoulder seams, an effect flattering to every bosom. And make a mental memo that this panel is nice in self-fabric, as well as printed contrast or lace. The waist is “slimmed” by a wider-at-front girdle band. The sleeves are puffed at top, and long ort cut off above the elbow. Semi-sheers or supple crepe are perfect fabrics.

Pattern 4087 is available in women’s sizes 34, 36, as printed contrast or lace. The waist is “slimmed” by a wider-at-front girdle band. The sleeves are puffed at top, and long ort cut off above the elbow. Semi-sheers or supple crepe are perfect fabrics.

Pattern 4087 is available in women’s sizes 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, and 46. Size 36 takes 3 yards 30 inch fabric.

Send TWENTY CENTS in coin for this pattern to The Oshawa Daily Times.



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