The Month That Was – January 1927


All articles are from The Oshawa Daily Reformer

New York Beauty Shop Owners at Convention Decide to Abolish Bobbed Hair For Ever 
January 4th 1927
New York. Jan. 4, – “The worst crime committed in the name of beauty is bobbed hair,” Mrs. Ruth Maurer, head of the National School and Cosmeticians, said in an address to a convention of beauty shop owners today. “For several years,” she said, “women have been going about looking worse than comic Valentines, with wisps of hair straying about their faces. Then there are those who look like Fiji Islanders or cedar mops.” The speaker declared there was little individuality to short hair and the convention resolved that it should be abolished forever.


Fine Bronze Tablet Erected In Memory of Red Cross Worker 
January 5th 1927


The above is a picture of the memorial which was erected by the Oshawa Red Cross Society in St. Andrew’s Church in honor of the late Mrs. Mary unveiled on Sunday morning by F.W. Cowan, president of the Society

Gave up Dentistry for Rum-Running 
January 5th 1927
New York, Jan. 4. – Not only were schooners, speed boats and scroed of other craft employed by the Costello-Kelly $25,000,000 rum ring to smuggle liquor from Canada into the United States. But on occasion even seaplanes were chartered to keep unbroken the lines of communication between rum row and the shores

Married Fifty Years Ago, Dec. 28
January 6th 1927

Who on December 28 celebrated their golden wedding at their home, 774 Simcoe Street South, when friends and relatives assembled to extend congratulatory messages indicated the esteem in which the couple are held in the community.










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