Student Museum Musings – Peter

My name is Peter McKenzie.  I am an intern from Trent University, conducting an internship here at the Oshawa Museum.  Having nearly completed my required 100 hours, I am able to reflect on my time here.  Having majored in anthropology, and soon to be attending a museum curatorship program, the chance to work at a local museum immediately caught my interest.  The staff have been very kind.  Understanding my interest in museum studies, they have been accommodating enough to give me a broad experience of museum tasks, from accessioning fascinating artifacts to assisting with social media productions to designing small exhibits to guiding tours of the houses.  Guiding the tours has become my absolute favourite experience at the museum (especially at Henry House).  Getting dress up in nineteenth century attire, and lead groups through the houses, is an immersive and fun experience.  Not only have I been able to learn so much more about Oshawa’s history, but I get to pass all that I’ve learned on to the museum’s guests.  The Oshawa Museum has a wealth of interesting historical knowledge, a delightful charm, and a wonderful staff.  I had an amazing time interning here, and know I’ll have to visit again soon!

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