The Month That Was – February 1922

Library Receives Donation of Books
February 2, 1922
Oshawa public library has received from Mr. F. W. Cowan a splendid contribution of about 100 books, and these are being placed on the shelves this week. The books include a complete set of British Classics, 24 volumes, a complete set of the works of Humboldt, eminent scientists, also the works of Alexander Dumas.
Juicy Fruit Gum.png

A Real Remedy for Falling Hair
February 2, 1922
Here’s good news for all the men and woman whose hair is falling out, who are growing bald and have scalps covered with dandruff that itch like mad. Any good druggist can now supply you with the genuine Parisian sage (liquid form) whom is guaranteed to quickly, surely and safely abolish every sign of dandruff, stop itching scalp and promote a new growth or money refunded.


Is The Average Life Longer Than It Used To Be?
February 2, 1922
It has been said that due to the efforts and discoveries of modern medical scientists that the average life has been lengthened by four years. If so we can easily realize what great improvements must have been made in medicines.


Healthier Without Liquor
February 11, 1922
The New York Times reports the conclusion of 37 leadings American insurance companies that the year 1921 was the healthiest year in the history of both the United States and Canada. The figures for the first ten months indicate a lowering of the death rate among policy holders from 9.8 in 1920 to 8.24 in 1921. Despite the absence of liquor, pneumonia decreased 50 percent.


The Boy and the Movies
February 11, 1922
A Chicago survey found that the students who attended the movies oftenest were those who stood lowest in their classes, which shows that when the movies meet mathematics in direct competition, it is the latter which suffer most. The blame is less on that of the films than of the fathers. The latter appear to have forgotten that, even in the highly individualistic age among the juniors, discipline and authority are still possible and practical.


For the first time the Canadian Pacific Railway carried snow as freight when it transported several carloads from Lake Louise to Calgary, where it was needed for the ski jumping in connection with the Winter Carnival.

150 Local Men at Work on Sewer
February 14, 1922
There are now 150 men engaged on the Westmount sewer and pipe laying on the Base Line with a weekly pay roll of about $2500. A large number of men have been employed so that the work may progress rapidly during frosty weather which is a help to excavation work, and also to give every unemployed man possible a job.


Beware of Chill Perils of a “Cold”
February 16, 1922
A chill is one of those sudden attacks of illness in which it is most emphatically the first steps that count, says a medical writer in London, England.

Since nobody can say how far the initial shivering fit may develop or how it may end, first aid of an intelligent kind is of as much importance in such a case as it would be I a serious accident. Hence everybody should possess the knowledge that will enable them to nip the bud what might result in a server illness.


Baptist Church Re-Opens After Fire
February 16, 1922

Oshawa’s Baptist Church, archival collection of the Oshawa Museum (A010.7.11)

After fifty years of continuous use of their present Church auditorium on King Street East as a place of worship, Oshawa Baptists, a few weeks ago, on account of a fire were deprived the use of the auditorium and were obliged to use the Sunday school rooms for regular Sunday services. With all the trace of fire removed, the auditorium freshly painted and re-decorated, and a new furnace installed, the church was re-opened again on Sunday the last.





Above are the leading figures of the great wedding, which has set the empire talking, and which was solemnized this morning in Westminster Abby. In the center panel is the King and Queen, the officiating clergyman and Princess Mary and Lord Lascelles. The other ladies are the bridesmaids. This is the first time in over one hundred years a King’s daughter has been married.

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