The Month That Was – January 1967

All news items taken from The Oshawa Times, various dates

Pearson Lights Flame

OTTAWA (CP)- Prime Minister Pearson lit a commemorative flame on  Parliament Hill Saturday night to mark the opening of Confederation Centennial Celebrations while hundreds of Ottawans stood in deep snow, craning their necks to see.

A cheer went up from the crowd when, after a moment’s hesitation, the flame caught fire in a low round foundation featuring the coats of arms of the provinces and northern territories.

The Queen, in an address filmed and recorded several weeks earlier, said the 100th anniversary of the union of the original provinces     by the British North America Act of 1867 should mark the beginning of another century as creative and inspiring as Canada’s first.

In this address, Mr. Pearson said the start of the centennial year is “a time of measure, with grateful hearts, the achievements of our past.”

Pearson Lights Flame.png

The First 100 Years

Fireworks burst in a spectacular display over the statue of Sir John A. Macdonald, one of the Fathers of Confederation. A crowd estimated at 12,000 gathered in Queen’s Park in front of the Ontario legislative building New Year’s Eve as Toronto marked the start of the Centennial year.

Lighting of the flame - fireworks.png

Oshawa To Share Fully In Centennial Highlights

Oshawa citizens will have the opportunity of sharing in many of the national extravaganzas of the Centennial celebrations. Late in February the famous Canadian folk ensembles, Les Feux Follets, will perform here. In April the colorful National Military Tatto will be a major attraction at the Civic Auditorium. The National Ballet Company is a Centennial highlight in May. The Confederation Caravan will roll into Oshawa for 10 days in August.

These are but some of the “spectaculars” which will bring home to Canadians the significance of the Centenary and of the achievements of our country in the first 100 years. Locally and throughout the country, a virtual limitless list of programs and projects are taking shape to spotlight the past accomplishments and present the talent of our citizens of this important region in the development of Canada.

The national activity and the speeches of the first few days of Centennial Year have certainly served to spark excitement in even the most conservative of Canadians that this year is something special, indeed extraordinary, in our country. It will be impossible not to become caught up in the enthusiasm of the events.

In the national observance, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, is already showing praise worthy inclination of serving the purpose for which its founders planned. In its coverage of Centennial events, in the opportunity it is giving all Canadians a listen to their leaders and catch the thrill and sentiment of their words, the corporation can be a wonderful force for unity and national awareness in this auspicious year.

Unfortunately, the CBC still manages somehow to seek out those Canadians who can’t identify, who continue to ask “who are we?” the best rejoinder cam the other night from a youngster who had spent the day watching Centennial Celebrations and listening to Centennial speeches. He also listened for a moment to a commentator bewailed “our lack of identity”

“What’s the matter with that fellow?” the youngster asked. “Doesn’t he know Canadians are the greatest!”

This is the spirit the Centenary should foster- and show every indication of accomplishing – in Canadians in Oshawa, in Gaspe, in Duke Land and on Vancouver Island.


“Pat Too,” druggist Cliff Cross’ beagle puppy didn’t take long before learning that her master’s soda fountain at Rockland, Maine, was the proper place to get a drink. The pup, which was a Christmas gift replacing another “Pat” manages a straw nicely.


U.K. Press Urges Repeal Of Royal Marriages Act
LONDON (AP) – Three London newspapers today urged Parliament to repeal George III’s royal marriage law so Queen Elizabeth won’t have to decide whether her first cousin can marry the mother of his illegitimate son.

The Royal Marriages Act of 1722 was denounced on all sides as a museum piece of royal spite. It was brought to public attention again by the Earl of Harewood’s announcement Monday that he is being divorced for adultery and wants to marry a former model who bore him a son 2 ½ years ago.

The 43-year-old earl is 18th in line of succession to the throne. His 40-year-old wife is expected to bring her divorce petition before the courts next month.

Under the ancient act, all members of the Royal Family descended from George III must have the monarch’s permission to wed. This means that, technically at least, Harewood must seek the Queen’s consent before marrying Patricia Tuckwell, a 39-year-old divorcee from Australia.

IT IS NOT an ordinary New Year for Canada and a Whitby couple decided to ring in the Centennial year in singular fashion. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie McFarlane invited about 70 persons to a party Sunday which had the atmosphere of the 1800’s. Even the punch was concocted from a 100- year- old recipe and the party was carried on in flickering candlelight to heighted the flavor of the past. The guests had an option to arrive in either costume in the cloths of the past century or to come garbed in the suits of the present Gathered before the Centennial emblem are some quests. (Seated, left) Mrs. Brian McFarlane and Mrs. Leslie McFarlane; (standing left to right) Brian McFarlane, Mr. and Mrs. Desmond Newman, Mrs. Michael Starr and Mr. Starr and host Leslie McFarlane, author of The Hardy Boys books.            -Oshawa Times Photo

Auto Museum Attendance Exceeds 16,000 For Year

More than 16,000 persons visited the Canadian Automotive Museum during 1966.

“There was a big increase of visitors from November of this year over November of last year, which is generally considerably lower,” said assistant manager of the Chamber of Commerce, Herb Brennan.

“From Nov 23 to Dec 23, which is also considered a quiet period, we had around 1,100 persons visit the museum – mostly out-of-towners.”

“There were eight groups touring the cards, four from 26 classes of grade four students and four other tours.” he said.

Coming attractions at the museum for 1967 will include a complete history of ball bearings and a display of spark plugs – sponsored by Champion Spark Plug Co.

“We also have a custom 1932 Chevrolet which was built by the Oshawa Car Club and loaned to us by one of its members,” said Mr. Brennan.

On Dec 31, a film of the museum was shown on Channel 11 television.

Pentalpha Chapter Masons Install New Officers: The annual installation of officers was held last night at the Center Street Masonic Temple for members of Pentalpha Chapter 28, Grand Registry of Canada. Gathered for this picture, left to right, bottom, are: Excellent Companion, Harold Powless, second principal; Russell Flutter, first principle, E.C. Henry Bickle, third principal, left to right, top, George Pidduck, senior sojourner; Robert Temperton, immediate past first principle, E.C. Hack Magee, instilling principle sojourner. -Oshawa Times Photo

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