The Month That Was – November 1926

The Oshawa Daily Reformer
November 2nd 1926        

Fedchishin started transporting chickens to Oshawa. They arrived bumping along in the body of a wagon behind a runaway horse. They were found to have been tied up in five bags and nine of the birds were suffocated so the S.P.C.A. officer N.S. Baird informed the court. A charge of cruelty was laid. To this through an interpreter, Fedchishin pleaded guilty and paid five dollars and costs.   

The Oshawa Daily Reformer
Says Change in Policy Is an Indication Ferguson’s Governm’t Can’t Be Trusted
November 3rd 1926


“The Ferguson Government cannot be trusted”, is the striking sentence in a statement on the political situation given to The Reformer this afternoon by W.E.N. Sinclair, K.C. leader of the Liberal Party of Ontario. The statement is brief in extent and Mr. Sinclair’s reaction to the announced curtailment by Premier Ferguson of his policy with respect to beer. 

The Oshawa Daily Reformer
Proposed New Fifty Room Hotel for Oshawa
November 4th 1926


The above picture shows the fine new structure which, according to present plans, will be erected on the site of the Borsberry property at King and Mary streets. G.W. Myles, promoter of Toronto, states that excavation work will start as soon as possible. The residence on the property now occupied by J.W. Borsberry is to be removed. Mr. Borsberry will move in possibly five or six weeks’ time. The front of the building is shown the terraces for summer use. The exterior work will be of brick and stucco with an all steel roof. The building will be absolutely fireproof.

The Oshawa Daily Reformer
November 4th 1926

London. Nov. 4. – Premier Mackenzie King, Ernest Lapointe and Madame Lapointe will be Canadian representatives at a dinner to be given tonight by King George at Buckingham Palace, to Dominion Premiers attending the Imperial Conference. Tomorrow, the Dominion Premiers will visit Manchester to receive the freedom of that city. Premier Mackenzie King will spend the weekend at Chequers as the guest of Premier Baldwin.

The Oshawa Daily Reformer
Four Killed, Three Injured As Prisoners Make Daring Attempt to Gain Freedom
November 4th 1926

New York. Nov 3. – Four men are dead and three wounded, two perhaps fatally, as the result of a spectacular outbreak late today in the Tombs, the famous Central Prison of New York. Three prisoners mysteriously supplied with arms and ammunition attempted to shoot their way to freedom. Two were killed and the third may die. The warden was shot and died five hours later. A keeper was instantly killed. Another several wounded and a spectator shot.


The Oshawa Daily Reformer
November 4th 1926

Last evening at 8:30 o’clock the assembly room of Simcoe Street United Church Sunday School was well filled with an enthusiastic body of Temperance workers, assembled at the call of the Executive of the Oshawa Prohibition Union to discuss ways and means of promoting their work in the present provincial election campaign.

The Oshawa Daily Reformer
November 4th 1926

Montreal. Nov, 3. – A stove pipe wire on his father’s back fence was the first piece of apparatus used by Prof. Alexander Graham Bell in the Bell Telephone Company of Canada, said W.H. Winter, assistant-general manager of that company, in the course of an address given to the Northern Electric Company Engineering Society in the Engineering Institute on Mansfield street.

The Oshawa Daily Reformer
Fifty Three Miners Perish When Caught in a Cave in
November 4th 1926

Ishpeming, Mich., Nov 3. – Fifty-three miners are believed to have lost their lives when the bottom of a swamp, under which the Barnes-Hecker iron mine, near here, today had been extended, dropped into the shaft.


The Oshawa Daily Reformer
November 11th 1926

For the first time in 70 years a woman was made a respondent in a divorce suit brought by a wife against her husband. Mrs. Jessie Pepper sought a divorce from her husband, and her counsel applied specially to have the respondent. Mrs. Gertrude Bake, made a respondent against her will. It was the first application of the kind that had been made since power was given under the Matrimonial Causes Act of 1857 to join a woman as a respondent as well as the husband.

The Oshawa Daily Reformer
“Empire Gidler” Ends Great Feat
November 13th 1926

Sir Alan Cobham. “Empire girdler,” completed his most elaborate air venture recently when he returned to England after flying to Australia and return, a distance of 28,000 miles. This great achievement, for which King George, not only establishes Cobham as one of the greatest airmen of the day, but shows the great possibilities of Empire air routes. Cobham regards his flight not as a “stunt” but as an effort to discover the best methods of running air routes and at the same time to demonstrate the practicability of flying.


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