The Month That Was – October 1922

Did you know that Oshawa’s historical newspapers are available for searching online? Visit Canadian Community Digital Archives to discover Oshawa’s history for yourself!  This month’s edition of Month That Was has been researched and written based on newspapers available on the online database.  Enjoy!


Ontario Reformer

October 3, 1922
Steps are Taken to open Mechanic Street, Alma to Alexandra Streets; R.W. Dixon Donates a Large Strip

Mechanic Street, from Alma to Alexandra, a distance of 2,993 feet is to be opened by the town.  This much needed development which has been pressing for years has come about through the work of a special committee which has been engaged on the problem for several months, of which Councillor R. Moffat is Chairman.

The task of extending this street has been facilitated by the splendid offer of Mr. R. W. Dixon who owns more than half the property required.  Mr.  Dixon has agreed to give this property to the town for the purpose of the street for the nominal sum of $1.  He was also agreed to permit the town to take gravel from the creek where owned by him, sufficient for the purpose of making the street.

In the report which Councillor Moffat presented, the committee stated “We are of the unanimous opinion that the extension of this street northerly should approximately follow the course of what is known as the ‘mill raceway.’ Speaking generally your committee was impressed with the natural lie and adaptability of this land for the particular purpose.  … Furthermore a considerable portion of the said ‘raceway’ is lined with trees which would take years to develop on any new street.”

Ontario Reformer, October 3, 1922
Ontario Reformer, October 3, 1922

October 5

October is an ideal month for motoring. The country looks its best then with its blaze of colour while the tank in the air gives an added zest to an outing.


Oct 10
Facts About St. George’s Church Past, Present and Future

Here are a few facts about the old St. George’s Church and its pact rectors, also information about the new structure.

When complete it is estimated that it will cost approximately $150,000

The chimes have been donated by Edward T. Houston of Cincinnati in memory of his wife’s parents, the late Edward & Mrs. Carswell of Oshawa

The first sod in connection with the erection of the edifice was turned by his Excellency, The Duke of Devonshire, Governor General of Canada, on June 12, 1919.

Ontario Reformer, October 10, 1922
Ontario Reformer, October 10, 1922

October 14
Oshawa & District
Rebekahs Hold Euchre

Oshawa Rebekah Lodge No. 3 held a most successful euchre party and social last Tuesday evening in Engel’s Hall, the attendance being unusually large.  The ladies’ first prize was won by Mrs. Weeks while Mrs. Clark won the second prize.  The gents first prize went to Mr. Robinson and the second to Mr. Harry Carter. Refreshments were served at the close of the game. The proceeds amounted to $55.


October 24
Cedar Dale Annexation Nearer Consummation; Effective on January 1?
Survey of Both Town and Village Must Be Made – Town Council Must Pass Resolution and Majority of Residents of Suburb Must Petition Railway Board
Much detail work to be done; Dale will be separate Ward.

The largest and perhaps the most satisfactory meeting that has been held, with a view to bringing about the annexation of Cedar Dale to the Town, took place in the Municipal offices on Saturday evening.  The Town of Oshawa was represented by Mayor Stacey, Reeve Morris and Deputy Reeve Hill; the Township of East Whitby by Reeve Ellins, Deputy Reeve Nesbitt, Councillors Farewell and French… Mr. G. D. Conant, who has had the matter in hand in an endeavor to arrange an agreement that would be acceptable to all parties, was also present.

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