Month That Was – August 1928

Rum Runners Are Outside at Falls
August 17, 1928

Niagara Falls, Ont., Aug 17.-A section was caused in this district by an announcement of the Queen Victoria Park Commission against rum-running on the boulevard. The order provides that motor trucks or other vehicles, loaded with liquor, must not be parked anywhere on the parkway, which extends from Bridgeburg, through Niagara Falls to Niagara-on-the-Lake.

August 1928 (2)
Ad for the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto

Building Permits for New Houses
August 18, 1928

Storie has taken out building permits at the City Hall today for the erection of two $3,000 houses, one to be erected at 104 Bloor Street and the other at 100 Bloor Street, between Oxford Street and Oshawa Creek. They will be of the brick veneer type, with floors downstairs of birch and pine. The model will be that of a cottage. T. B. Motherstill and Company have been given the contract of building the houses.

Three garages show that building in this line is not slumping. Walter Arkwright, 287 Nassau Street east, will erect a $50 garage at 75 Cadillac Avenue south. A garage costing $150 is to be erected by S.J. Dennis at 615 Christie Street on the east side.

A Boy of the Streets, playing at the New Martin (later Marks) Theatre
A Boy of the Streets, playing at the New Martin (later Marks) Theatre

Contributes $25, 000 to the Industrial Research
August 22, 1928

R.S. McLaughlin, president of General Motors of Canada, Limited, has contributed $25,000 to the Industrial Research Foundation according to a Toronto morning paper. The establishment of this foundation was authorized by the Ontario Legislature at its last session, the Province subscribing $1,000,000 on condition that manufactures did the same. Twenty-five men and firms have now subscribed the necessary amount, and the establishment of the foundation is assured.

A partial list of the donations: Canadian Pacific Railways, $100,00; Robert Simpson Co., Ltd., $25,000; R. S. McLaughlin, Oshawa, $25,000; J. H. Gundy, $25,000; Canadian General Electric, $25,000; Sir Joseph Flavelle, $10,000; Sir Edward Kemp, $10,000.

Laugh, Clown, Laugh, starring Lon Chaney, playing at the Regent Theatre
Laugh, Clown, Laugh, starring Lon Chaney, playing at the Regent Theatre

100 Railroad officials to be Guests of G.M.C
August 22, 1928

More than 100 officials of the two Canadian railroads as well as representatives of several of the United States lines, are expected to be guest of General Motors of Canada, Limited, in a tour of the G.M.C. proving grounds at Detroit on Friday, September 7.


Foundation work under way for new car barns
August 22, 1928

Foundations are going on at the new car barns of the Oshawa Railway Company, at the HIllcroft street intersection of their North Oshawa spur line. Bathe & McLelian, who have the general contract for this $100,000 building, are pushing it forward rapidly, and expect to have it completed on or before November 1.*

Genuine Asprin advertisment
Genuine Aspirin advertisement

Sudden Death of Local Baseball Player
August 24, 1928

One of the most popular players to ever wear an Oshawa uniform and noted for his clean sportsmanship, Herb Wolfe, star ball player on Oshawa’s Central League team, died last night at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Toronto, from paralysis and inflammation of the brain and spinal cord caused by an infection.


Growth of City is Displayed by items from Times’ Edition
August 24, 1928

Clippings from the Greater Oshawa Edition of The Times feature the window of Lycett’s real estate office this week. “Items from the Press show Oshawa’s growth,” says the central card of the display, from which ribbons lead to a number of clippings from the special edition. These are representative articles and headlines that indicate both constructional progress and the general growth of the city.


*These car barns were demolished in 2013.


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