The Month That Was – July 1947

Scientists Are Turning to Religion
July 2, 1947

Scientists are frightened by the destructive forces they have brought into existence, stated in H. L. Rudy, president of the Canadian Union Conference at the Adventist camp meeting last night. With the explosion of the atomic bomb men recognized they had brought into being something they had no power of counteracting. There was and is no defense against the atomic bomb. Realizing this, scientists appealed to religious leaders to bring forth some workable plan that would save mankind from utter destruction.


Clinic Building, Hospital Addition Are Major Projects
July 3, 1947

With the new Oshawa Clinic and an addition to the Oshawa General Hospital commenced during June, the city’s building permit total for the first half of 1947 has topped the $875,000 mark. With the exception of last year, this is the highest for the first six months of any year since 1928.

The major project undertaken to date this year is the $100,000  Oshawa Clinic building under construction at the corner of King Street East and Charles Street. Approximately 32 by 77 feet in detention, the building will comprise two stories and basement and the exterior walls will be brick. Contractors are Bathe and McLellan of Oshawa.


City Concurs in Plans for Simcoe Street
July 8, 1947

After hearing a brief dealing with Simcoe Street South, which was prepared by Norman C. Millman chairman of the Town Planning Commission, City Council last night expressed its hearty approval of the recommendations of the Commission.

Mr. Millman pointed out that in the future Simcoe Street South will be the city’s main street proving entrance for railway and highway passengers. It was up to the Planning Commission and the Council to see to it that its appearance was favorably maintained.

He urged that precautions be taken to provide for its widening as inexpensively as possible when this was necessary.

Canadian Statesman, July 17, 1947
Canadian Statesman, July 17, 1947

Canadian Statesman
T Everson Observes Ninety-First Birthday
July 17, 1947

Surrounded by members of hid family and his grand-children and showered with congratulations from a host of admirers, T.H. Everson, Oshawa, observed his 91st birthday at his King St. home on Tuesday, July 15, 1947. Still keen and active he has continued to keep fit by mowing his lawn with a hand mower. One of his many gifts was a power mower, a present from his sons. …

In the early days when typhoid fever was a recurring epidemic, Mr. Everson was elected to council and took a leading part in the fight for a waterworks and sewage system. He carried on a constant fight for better salaries for school teachers. …

During World War I Mr. Everson headed the Oshawa Housing Commission and continued in that post for 18 years. The success obtained by the Commission in building new homes has far overshadowed the efforts following World War II in attaining practical results. …

When asked for a motto as a guide to youth, Mr. Everson said: :Simply make up your mind to be useful.”

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