Student Museum Musings – Blissful Broadcasts: From 1946

By Karen A., Summer Student

Hi my name is Karen and as a summer student at the Oshawa Museum I’ve been tasked with a new research project which involves me going through microfilms dating back to the late 1940s. As fascinating as the post-World War II newspapers are, it started to drain on me, all of the news being reported is terribly sad: car accidents, murderers, robberies, news about the War and the Nazi Nuremberg trials… So today this blog post will hopefully cheer you up with blissful, yet unusual, reports I stumbled upon from 1946.


This article, which is more of an advertisement, I just had to put in here. It caught my eye and cheered me right up! Who knew Chinchilla, more specifically Royal Chinchilla, breeders was a viable career option? I was also surprised to discover there was a market to buy and sell Chinchillas, especially ones with royal blood.


This article is the sweetest thing I have ever seen in a newspaper. It describes the wonderful life of Chips and his young owner Diana. The two can be seen in the picture playing with a bone, both puppy and toddler are trying to eat it. And although it is not an Oshawa or Canadian story, the Times-Gazette here in Oshawa and Whitby felt it was important enough to report it!


This next article, discusses everyone’s favourite topic ice cream! It caught my eye, as ice cream normally does, because of the headline: Poor Ice Cream Bring $40 Fine. I was lead to believe the ice cream was fined $40! But really it was the ice cream man who was fined for serving ice cream of a low standard. I guess he had it coming… You should never serve under-standard ice cream.


“Community Chest $13,643 Over Objective” is the headline of the next gleeful story I wanted to share. I have been following this story in the microfilms for a while now, and I was amazed at how fast the community of Oshawa was able to raise $55,000 for the community and its well-being. But not only did they raise their minimum goal of $55,000, they surpassed it by $13,643! And in only three months through community events and fundraisers and private donations the total raised was $68,643. I can see from this article the Oshawa community has always been as captivated to help one another as they are now.

I hope these articles have brought some joy into your day, as it has done for me.

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