Oshawa Museum: Home To Our History

By Laura Suchan, Executive Director

Next year not only is Canada celebrating an anniversary, so is the Oshawa Historical Society: 60 years of promoting awareness and appreciation of Oshawa’s history. Looking to the future, the Board of Directors thought an anniversary was a good time to refresh our image.  That’s why the Board decided to shortened our name to  Oshawa Museum, from Oshawa Community Museum, the name we have been using for about 20 years.  The new name doesn’t erode our identity in any way, instead better reflects the scope of work we do at the museum. Oshawa Museum represents the future direction of the site, the focus on professionalism, excellence in our field and providing Oshawa and its residents with an engaging and informative  look at our history.


Along with the new name, we have chosen a new tagline, “Home to our History.” Again, we feel this pays homage to the idea that the three museum buildings were at one time  family homes while the word “our” connects us to the community.

To complement our new name and tagline is our new logo designed by the very talented Chris Abbott. Chris is from Oshawa and was able to bring a fresh perspective to our brand.  Chris used words such as “contemporary,” “interactive,” and “inclusive” as inspiration and came up with a design that we feel is fresh and current and positions us well  to embark on our next phase of growth.  We love our new look and  am excited for what the future holds.


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