Archives Awareness Week 2016

By Jennifer Weymark, Archivist

Did you know that the first week of April is Archives Awareness Week in Ontario?  It’s true.  In 2005 Bill 34 was passed by the Ontario Legislature proclaiming the celebration of archives throughout Ontario.

The wording of the bill states that “Ontario has a rich and colourful recorded history. Archives play an essential role in the preservation and use of that history. By acquiring, preserving and making available documentary materials from all aspects of society, archives promote the heritage of Ontario and safeguard the collective memory and rights of its citizens.” Archives preserve the historical record of our communities and help to share that history.

The Oshawa Archives
The Oshawa Archives

Within our archival collection we have land deeds that date back to 1815, maps that show how Oshawa has changed and photographs that have documented that change.  We have minute books from the local Sons of Temperance group that highlight a fascinating time in North American history.  There are newspapers that date back to before Canada was a country and provide us with such a unique look at Oshawa during that time.

Here at the Oshawa Museum, we not only collect the history of our community but we work to share it through a variety of mediums.  One of the most popular ways to share what we have in our holdings is through the creation of online exhibits.  These exhibits allow us to examine items in a manner similar to museum exhibits but we can reach a global audience.  This format also allows us to exhibit items that are perhaps too fragile to be out on display in the museum.  For example, we have our Letters from the Trenches exhibit that examines World War I using the letters of an Oshawa soldier.  The online exhibit allows us to showcase these fragile letters without concern for their preservation as it a digital format.

We also head out into the public to share the history of our items and our community.  In fact, I was on Talk Durham on Thursday, April 7th to talk about some of the fascinating items in the archival collection.  I was joined by members of the Durham Region Area Archives as we celebrate local archives in throughout our Region.

This article was written for, and first appeared in the Oshawa Express.

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