Museum Week 2016

By Lisa Terech, Community Engagement

Social Media can be such a fun way to engage with a variety of audiences, and every once in a while various groups come up with different days to spark engagement and conversations. In September, there’s #AskACurator day, where Melissa is ready and excited to answer any questions about the collection.  In January, there’s #MusueumSelfieDay, and Oshawa Museum staff and visitors have fun snapping pictures of themselves around the site. And, every year at the end of March, there’s Museum Week on Twitter.

Described on Twitter as “1st worldwide cultural event on Twitter • Born in France, raised by the World,” Museum Week is a chance for Museums on Social Media to shine.  Every day brings a new theme and a new opportunity to highlight their site, events, and collections.

Day 1 – SecretsMW

Without fail, guests always want to know what’s beyond the ropes, what’s behind closed doors. The answer is simple: Storage.  The Oshawa Museum has been collecting since 1960, and in that time we’ve amassed a collection of over 30,000 objects.  Oshawa has a rich, diverse, and varied history, and our collection reflects this.


Day 2 – PeopleMW

A chance to highlight the people, past and present, who make the Museum what it is.  We shared pictures of Verna Conant, Thomas Henry and Cornelius Robinson, people from our past who had a role in our houses and museum.  We shared stories and images of our current staff, and we celebrated our amazing volunteer contingent!


Day 3- ArchitectureMW

Did you know that all three houses that comprise the Oshawa Museum are designated as being historically and architecturally significant? In fact, they were the first three buildings in Oshawa to receive such designation. This theme, which was highlighted last year, is a wonderful way to showcase our unique buildings, their history, their setting and why they are important.


Day 4 – HeritageMW

One could say every day is Heritage Day for a history museum for everyday we’re sharing something awesome about our collection, our events, or our exhibitions. We’re constantly sharing Oshawa’s cultural heritage, everything that makes our city’s heritage rich and vibrant. On this day, we highlighted exceptional artifacts and our awesome exhibitions, all are part of the many reasons to pay us a visit and learn more!


Day 5 – FutureMW

What a fun theme!  A chance for Museums to look ahead at their different innovative projects, future exhibitions, or even looking at barriers to innovation.  We showcased some of the amazing projects we have on the horizon, because really, we have a lot of cool things on the horizon…


Days 6 & 7 have yet to happen, but if you’re not already following the Oshawa Museum on Twitter, please do so and see what we have to share for ZoomMW and LoveMW.

Thank you to the folks over at MuseumWeek for creating such an engaging week, and many thanks to all the Museums who tweeted along – it’s so wonderful to see what a creative and innovative field we work in!

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