The Month That Was – September 1928

Oshawa Daily Times
Whitby Schools Reopen Tuesday
September 1st, 1928

Several hundred girls and boys, members of the town’s junior population, are looking forward to next Tuesday, the day school opens, with mixed feelings. The girls no doubt are expressing their delight at the thought of returning to the halls of learning while the disgusted expressions “Aw, gee whizz, the holidays go too fast,” probably explains the attitude of the public school boys. Even of they were pleased with the prospect of school the majority of lads would consider it contrary to doughty masculinity to say so.


Oshawa Daily Times
End Successful Season’s Work at Cottage at Lake
September 5th, 1928

After one of the most successful seasons in its history, Red Cross Cottage at Lakeview Park closes tomorrow until another summer. Over 130 children have been made happy with a two weeks’ outing at the cottage, says Miss B. E. Harris, chief of public health nurse, quoting from records kept in her department,

The children who have been entertained by the Red Cross Society at the cottage have been drawn not only from the ranks of the less fortunate kiddies of the city at large, but have included many from the Children’s Shelter-some of whom are without a home, and to these a short outing in the summer is a thing to be talked of with jot for a whole year.

A pleasing feature of the work of the cottage this year is the fact that not once has a doctor had to be called to attend anyone there, and that no illness of any kind was reported. Each child was immunized against both scarlet fever and diphtheria before being taken to the cottage, as a precaution and also in connection with the general immunization program of the city’s health officials.


Canadian Statesman
Oshawa Fair: September 11th, 12th, and 13th
September 6, 1928

The big Fair at Oshawa to be held September 11th, 12th, and 13th is now only one week away and preparations are nearly complete for the best in the history of the South Ontario Agricultural Society. ..

The grounds are in wonderful condition and the Race Track has been put in splendid shape for the trails of speed to be held each afternoon, Wednesday and Thursday September 12th and 13th

Oshawa Fair has become Oshawa’s Annual Holiday and the entertainment provided this year will undoubtedly draw every man, woman and child from Oshawa and surrounding country.

Canadian Statesman, Sept 6, 1928, p 7
Canadian Statesman, Sept 6, 1928, p 7

Oshawa Daily Times
Rum Ring Records in Official Hands
September 13th, 1928

Additional bootleggers’ records containing the names of police officials alleged to have received regular payments from the rum ring have come into the possession of District Attorney John Monaghan, the prosecutor, announced yesterday.

“These bootleggers are going to hang themselves with their own records,” the district attorney said.

“The very greatness of their organization is going to make them topple faster. They built to well in their nefarious game.”


Oshawa Daily Times
Veterans’ Museum is Fine Feature
September 14th, 1928

One of the most popular exhibits at the Oshawa Exhibition this year was at the Oshawa Exhibition of the War Souvenirs of the Canadian Legion, Post 43. Throughout the whole day there was a steady stream of curios and interesting war articles on display and for the first exhibit of its kind in this city, it was adjudged a huge success.


Oshawa Daily Times
Fined $100 for Having Liquor
September 14th, 1928

John Manchur, when he appeared on a charge of having liquor illegally in a place other than his private dwelling, was found guilty by Magistrate Hind after evidence had been heard this morning from Chief of Police Friend, and was fined $100 and costs. Manchur pleaded not guilty to the charge and was defended by A.R. Willmott, of Cobourg.

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