Student Museum Musings – Do You Want to be a Victorian?

By Caitlan, Summer Student

When I first started here this summer Jill asked if I could create a video based on the song from the Disney movie Frozen, Do you want to build a snowman? How could I say no to that request! Of course some of the words had to be changed around a bit to fit the museum better and what we do but I couldn’t resist. This was the start of Do you want to be a Victorian?

Caitlan becoming a Victorian
Caitlan becoming a Victorian

With the help of Karen, the other summer student, we re-wrote the song and got the help of co-op student Nadia to help us film. We had a lot of fun filming everything, but the only problem that arose came down to singing the song. Nobody wanted to sing the song on their own, so I was able to convince some of the staff here to sing together. By the end there was a total of 6 of us; the summer students Karen, Alex, and Nadia (to convince them I said it was listed under the “other museum-related duties as assigned”), and Melissa and Lisa lent their voices as well.

Become a Victorian at the Oshawa Museum!
Become a Victorian at the Oshawa Museum!

When asked about some of things I do here, I bet having a choir-like practice in a kitchen is one of last things people would think expect me to do. But it’s one of the joys here – to always expect the unexpected! If you would like to head over to our YouTube channel you will be able to watch Do you want to be a Victorian? Or if you would like to see what Victorian life was like, come on down to the Museum!

Check out our latest video on our YouTube Channel:
Do You Want to be Victorian


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