Student Museum Musings: Museums are AWESOME!

By Karen, Summer Student

Today I am going to tell you why I believe museums are awesome. I wish my answer could simply be, they are because they are, however for those of you I am trying to convince (I know you are out there) I will tell you why museums are not only awesome but they are one of the best institutions to ever be known in our world.


First, museums are a way to allow the next generation and generations beyond that to understand and see how the people before them lived. Take for example the Oshawa Community Museum, our museum allows people of all ages to see how Victorians lived in Oshawa during the Victorian era. We have children’s programs where the children can learn to make candles and butter, activities Victorian children would do on a daily basis.  If museums never existed then today’s children most likely would not understand how candles and butter was made.

Doing laundry, Victorian Style!

Doing laundry, Victorian Style = Awesome.

Secondly, museums are a way to keep history from being forgotten. Although this seems like an obvious reason I needed to include it and explain why this is so important. If no one or nothing collected history and remembered it from years ago, then we would not have a past. Todays’ generation would not know about World War One or World War Two.  How could we learn about events that happened so long ago if no one or nothing collected documents from decades before? Museums collect history and keep it safe for all of us to remember past events, people and objects. This is why museums are awesome.

Thirdly, and this might make me sound a bit bias, I work at the Oshawa Community Museum and I think it’s the best place anyone could work at. The people are great, the atmosphere is fun and every day you learn something new. Not the kind of learning when you are in school and the teacher dictates what you learn and how much homework you will have to complete. NO, I get to learn about history every day and I get to choose how I learn it. So not only do you, the public, learn from museums, I the worker learn from museums too. Museums: the very first institutions of learning!

Victorian costumes in Henry House = Awesome.

Victorian costumes in Henry House = Awesome.

Forth, most museums have tunnels,  secret places and crawl spaces which makes them pretty awesome to play hid and seek in (something I have never done, but kind of wish I could).

Fifth, most museums have sweets and treats to eat. I know the Oshawa Community Museum has lots of treats to eat in our store.

Candy sticks = Awesome.

Candy sticks = Awesome.

Last and maybe the single most important reason why museums are awesome in every way and shape and form is that museums are ever changing yet always staying the same. Museums are your home that you just gave a new renovation to; let me explain in more detail. Your home is always your home even if you paint the walls or add in new furniture or even if you take down a wall. The foundation of your home does not change; the only thing that changes is the framework. Museums get new exhibits all the time, museums are always gaining new history and hosting new events. But the museum foundation of learning and collecting history for the future will always stay. It will always be home.

Simply put, museums are awesome. I hope that by the end of this all of the people out there who I was trying to convince will now understand (and maybe agree with me) that museums are in every way and shape and form awesome.      o1och


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