Student Museum Musings – Nadia

By Nadia, Social Media Assistant Co-op Student

My co-op at the Oshawa Community Museum was bounded. Due to the Durham District School Board strike (April 20th – May 26th) I lost five weeks of work time. Despite the shortened length, I will always remember my time here. I developed so many new skills and learned the historical significance of Oshawa. My favourite project I had throughout the semester was the “Flashback Photo” assignment. I had to integrate an old and new photo together. It took me awhile to become comfortable with the Photoshop software, but I loved showing off my final images!

One of Nadia's Flashback Photos - Lakeview Park of the 1930s meets Lakeview Park of 2015!
One of Nadia’s Flashback Photos – Lakeview Park of the 1930s meets Lakeview Park of 2015!

This museum is the best place in Oshawa to learn about its history. I worked with a film scanner to search through Oshawa’s newspapers from the 1920s and 1940s. It was one of the most fascinating experiences I had with at my placement. In my history class, we learned about the extremes of the 1920s and World War II, but I was never taught about it though primary documents. I had the chance to read about an event that occurred one hundred years ago as if I was present at that time. This is just one example of how much I appreciate my time at the Oshawa Community Museum.

Nadia in the Henry House Study
Nadia in the Henry House Study

In my first journal response, I wrote, “From my co-operative experience, I hope to discover if a career in media or journalism is the right path for me,” and I can now happily say that this is exactly what I want to do. I have to thank the Oshawa Community Museum for guiding me into my prospective career in media and for becoming the roots of my future success, I am very grateful – thank you.

Many, MANY thanks to Nadia for your hard work, creativity and dedication over your semester! You have been such a great complement to our staff, and we were so happy to have you here!  All the best with your future studies.

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