The Month That Was – June 1949

Bonus for G.M. Officers, Employees
June 1st, 1949

Detroit, June 1-(AP)-The Detroit Free Press says today General Motors Corporation has asked the Securities and Exchange Commission to approve a $20,000,000 bonus for certain groups of officers and employees.

In a Washington dispatch, the newspaper reports the bonus will be paid partly in stock, with a market value of $55 a share, and partly in five annual cash payments. The bonus is for 1948. In that year General Motors did $4, 738, 000,000 in gross volume of business and had net income of $440,447,000.


Hey Fellahs!
They’ve found
New Type Fish
June 1st, 1949

A fisherman on the Saddle River here pulled in something out of this world last night.

The beast is about 16 inches long, vaguely resembles an eel, and has a tow of port holes on each side, like a new automobile.

It has a hole on top of its head, too, and spouts water. The mouth is vertical, shaped like a buttonhole, and opens like the pages of a book, to each side.

To prove his fish story, Navy veteran Robert Durrenberger has the things contentedly and phlegmatically swimming around in a tub of water at home.

Local salt and fresh water fishing experts examined the “eel” and declared it genuine, if heretofore unknown to them. Attempts to reach an expert as New York Bronx Zoo were unsuccessful. A perusal of all available books on fishing failed to turn up anything remotely resembling the reptile.

From the Canadian Statesman, June 2, 1949, page 14
From the Canadian Statesman, June 2, 1949, page 14

What Council Did
June 4th, 1949

Decided to refer to the Town Planning Commission the possibility of converting the present zoning status of Park Road South from residential to semi-commercial in view of the fact that the street is an important outlet for Highway 2A.


Heavy Frost Damage to Ont. Crops
June 8th, 1949

Heavy Frost Damage was reported in many parts of Western Ontario today, following the coldest night of the season, adding to the drought worries of thousands of farmers.

There was considerable damage to vegetable and cash crops in the London area, where the mercury dropped to 31.7 degrees, but heaviest hit appeared to be Bruce peninsula where temperatures as low as 23 degrees were recorded.

From the Canadian Statesman, June 9, 1949, page 8.
From the Canadian Statesman, June 9, 1949, page 8.

Dog Thieves Operating in Oshawa
June 13th, 1949

Dog thieves are operating in Oshawa. Lloyd Fowler, Humane Society Inspector, reported today two pets were stolen from the Ritson Road South dog pound over the week-end. The thieves cut wires around the pound to free the pets. Both small dogs, one was a cocker spaniel and the other a collie.


Rotary Work for Crippled Children has Done Wonders
June 13th, 1949

Down through the years the Oshawa Rotary Club has gained recognition throughout the length and breadth of the community for the great humanitarian work it has carried on among the underprivileged not only in Oshawa but in the surrounding districts.

From the Canadian Statesman, June 30, 1949, page 4
From the Canadian Statesman, June 30, 1949, page 4

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