The Month That Was – May 1929

Oshawa Daily Times
Bank of Toronto Opens Branch
May 1st 1929

The Bank of Toronto, one of Canada’s leading financial institutions, has opened a branch at 19 Simcoe street south. Established in 1855, this is the oldest Canadian bank with the head office in Ontario, and during 73 years of careful and conservative banking, it has accumulated a surplus of more than $14,000,000 over all liabilities to the public.

The Oshawa branch has excellent facilities for handling savings and commercial business. The equipment installed includes a safety deposit box department. F.S. Potter, assistant manager of the main office in Toronto, has been appointed manager. He brings with him years of banking experience gained in various branches of the bank throughout the country.

Oshawa Daily Times
Farmer Children Must Pay Fee to Go to School Here
May 2, 1929

Whitby, May 2. –The farm assessment dispute between the farmers residing within the town limits and the town council has shown no new developments during the past few days. The farmers still maintain that they will carry their grievance before the Ontario Railway and Municipal Board while the town council has taken no action to change the bylaw which was passed last month under which farm properties will be allowed no other tax exemption.

Oshawa Daily Times
Oldest Hippo in U.S., 75 Dead
May 2, 1929

New York, May 2. –Mrs. Murphy, dowager hippopotamus of the United States, is dead at the Central Park Zoo. She was 75 years old -The first hippo to be brought to this country- and her demise is thought to have been due to old age. “The old lady has been feeble and ailing all winter”, said Keeper Harry Kinney. “We were prepared for some such sad eventuality. Her teeth were all worn down, and her hay had to be chopped for her. But she kept her appetite to the last. Only Monday she ate 60 pounds of chopped hay, 30 quarts of mash made of bran, rolled oats, three or four vegetables, and several loaves of bread. Then she drank about half her tank.” Mrs. Murphy is survived by her only son, Caliph 2nd, who occupies an adjoining cage.

From the Canadian Statesman, May 2, 1929, page 8.
From the Canadian Statesman, May 2, 1929, page 8.

Canadian Statesman
Oshawa Talent Present “Headstrong Joan”
May 2, 1929
A splendid audience greeted the Glen Echo players, an amateur company of Oshawa, in the Opera House here on Monday evening when they put on “Headstrong Joan,” a comedy drama in three acts… Between acts, Mr. W. Wannon, teacher in Wilson & Lee’s Music Store, gave a number of selections on his Hawaiian guitar, which by the applause received, were fully appreciated.

Toronto Daily Star
Pioneer is Dead
May 28, 1929

The death took place early to-day of Ambrose E. Henry, one of the most prominent citizens and pioneers of this district, at his home on Drew St.  Mr. Henry was in his 82nd year and for more than half a century was connected with the Masonic order.  He was born in 1848 on the Henry homestead at Oshawa-on-the-Lake, the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Henry, and saw Oshawa grow from obscurity to its present position.  He entered the grocery business, retiring twenty years ago to enter the employ of General Motors as foreman of stockrooms, and retired from that five years later.

To Mr. Henry is given credit for the building of the Masonic Temple here, and during his illness his suffering was mitigated by many tributes from local Masons.  He was a grand steward of the Grand Lodge of Canada and in the Royal Arch Masons he was past grand superintendent of district number 10.  Funeral service will be held on Wednesday, Rev. Ernest Harston officiating.  Mrs. John Herancourt, a daughter, survives.

Toronto Daily Star
Oshawa To Build New Children’s Shelter
May 31, 1929

Tenders were called for to-day for a new $50,000 children’s shelter.  The building, deigned by C.C. Stenhouse, will be erected on Centre Street and will be 92 feet by 40 feet in size, of brick construction, with slate roof and steam heating. The site was presented to the society by J.D. Storie.  The building will contain separate dormatories for boys and girls, playrooms and an isolation hospital in a separate wind.

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