The Month That Was – April 1952

Trouble Already
April 1, 1952

When the federal government decided that it wished to have a distinguished Canadian appointed Governor –General of Canada, many people received the news with misgivings. Apart altogether from the appointment of the Rt. Hon. Vincent Massey to occupy the post as the first Canadian to do so, there were those who saw that this departure from precedent and tradition would bring troubles and difficulties. They have not had long to wait for their misgivings to be justified.


Plan to Close Bloor School is discussed
April 2. 1952

Consideration is being given by Oshawa Board of Education to the closing of Bloor West School. A decision may be made later this month.

School inspector T. R. McEwen reported to the Board yesterday that it would cost less to send the 20 Oshawa children attending the school to a school closer to the heart of the city.

Under the annexation agreement when the Board ceases to use the school for local children it reverts to school section No.4 in Whitby Township.

“Of course when we have our next College Hill School the pupils would go there,” said Mr. McEwen amid cries of “if” and “when”.

Mrs. B. C. Colpus thought it a pity that the school should be closed after the Board has spent money installing new equipment and a furnace.

“Despite that it has still been condemned by the health authorities,” observed another member Trustee E.A. Lovell said the school should definitely not be used.


Over 1,500,000 Canadians receiving medical care through insurance plans
April 2, 1952

More than 1,500,000 Canadians are now receiving medical care through non-profit health insurance plans that pay doctors’ bills. Figures released by Dr. A. D. Kelly, deputy general secretary of the Canadian medical association show enrolment in the prepaid plans climbed 300,000 during 1951, an increase of 25 percent over the 1950 total of 1,200,000.


To Extend Four-lane highway
April 3, 1952

Toronto (CP) – Alberta natural gas piped to Ontario may cost more than other fuels but is preferable to an uncertain supply from the United States, Mines Minister Gemmell told the Ontario Legislature yesterday.

The question was raised by Opposition Leader Farquhar Oliver, who said present evidence was that natural gas from the west could not compete with other fuels.

The Mines Minister, who spoke during passage of his department’s budget estimates, said Alberta’s gas would find a ready market in Ontario even without an industrial market.

Hambly's Beverages ad, from the Canadian Statesman, April 3, 1952
Hambly’s Beverages ad, from the Canadian Statesman, April 3, 1952

Pupils of Mae Marsh Delight Big Audience at Masonic Temple
From the Canadian Statesman
April 4, 1952

Parents and friends strained the capacity of the Masonic Temple, Oshawa, on Saturday afternoon, to see the dance recital presented by the Lillian Mae Marsh School of Dancing.  Picturesque costumes that would have qualified for a Broadway show and a smartly paced program held the interest of the audience.



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